Shadowhunters Photos From "A Heart of Darkness"

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Who will win out in the inner battle for power: The Owl Demon or Jace? That is the question for Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 8.

Now with Jace confined to the Malakai Configuration, the group has the time and means to work on a cure to free him from Lilith's control. They want their brother/friend/boyfriend back from his evil state. However, they're going to need the right spell or potion to break the curse.

Based on the preview photos below, the group is confronting their demon head on. 

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Simon, Alec, Magnus, Isabelle and Luke are taking the fight to Jace to try and break through the mind control. From what we saw during Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 7, Lilith's hold on his mind was strong. Talkingt to him may not work, but could they discover the trick that could bring him back from darkness?

Check out the photos below from "A Heart of Darkness," which airs Tuesday, May 8 on Freeform.

And don't forget, you can watch Shadowhunters online via TV Fanatic to get caught up on all the past action.

1. The Owl Demon

The Owl Demon
Hiding away behind that stern face is the Owl Demon, the cause of all the corruption in New York City due to Lilith's control. Will the group be able to free Jace from its clutches?

2. Confronting The Owl

Confronting The Owl
The group is taking the Owl Demon/Jace problem head on. From the look Simon is giving Jace, he is going to knock some sense into him if he has to.

3. Frenemies No More

Frenemies No More
Whatever frenemy situation they had before Jace got captured in the Configuration is now gone. The Owl Demon is Simon's enemy and a big problem.

4. Sister Vs. Brother

Sister Vs. Brother
Isabelle is confronting the beast after his less-than-kind words about her and Dr. Charlie. Still, she's not going to let the demon have control over her brother.

5. Group Meeting

Group Meeting
Luke, Isabelle, Simon, Alec and Magnus have come together to figure out a plan in tracking down Lilith, freeing Clary and curing Jace.

6. Izzy Reassures Simon

Izzy Reassures Simon
As Clary's best friend, Simon is sad about letting her down and not stopping her from getting captured. Izzy is there to support him.

7. Simon's Determined Face

Simon's Determined Face
Just look at that face! This Daylighter is going to do whatever it takes to get his best friend back and stop the evil.

8. Calm Yourself

Calm Yourself
Luke doesn't jump into anything without a plan of attack first. He's setting the standard and pulling the others back from doing something reckless.

9. Don't Mess With Isabelle

Don't Mess With Isabelle
Isabelle isn't going to let Lilith take hold of her brother for any longer. She's going to free Jace from her control at all costs.

10. Parabathai Woes

Parabathai Woes
Alec wants his brother and parabathai back safe and sound from the demon's control. This plan is going to need to make sure that Jace isn't harmed.

11. History Lesson

History Lesson
What does the group know about Lilith? She's an all-powerful demon who could destroy them like flies. They need to be careful if they take the battle to her.

12. Did Magnus Come Up With THE Plan?

Did Magnus Come Up With THE Plan?
Magnus is deep in thought and contemplating something. Could this be the moment they come up with the perfect plan?

13. The Right Spell

The Right Spell
To reach Jace within the Owl Demon, Magnus will need to have the right spell to speak to his true self.

14. Judgment

After being captured by the Clave, Clary is facing potential harm for a crime that she did not commit.

15. Before The Court

Before The Court
Now that she's been captured, Clary is being brought before the caught for interrogation and judgment. If she doesn't keep her wits sharp, things could go really bad for her.

16. Handcuffed

As a shadowhunter, extra protection will be needed to keep Clary chained during her persecution and interrogation. Enter the stele and handcuffs.

17. Consul Penhallow

Consul Penhallow
The new Consul is all business and order for the progress of the Clave. However, with Imogen dead, she doesn't look too happy to see Clary (aka. Valentine's daughter) breaking the rules.

18. Persecution

Consul Penhallow wants to learn the truth from Clary about what happened. She's going to do whatever it takes to get the truth out of her.

19. Silent Brother

Silent Brother
The Silent Brothers are such mysterious beings with untold powers and abilities. But, from the look of him holding the sword, this next task might be an old shadowhunter tradition.

20. The Truth Will Set You Free

The Truth Will Set You Free
Whenever a Silent Brother is called in, you know that things have gotten pretty serious. Clary better be careful for whatever ritual is forced before the sword.

21. Before The Sword

Before The Sword
Clary is brought before the blade for questioning after being caught in the graveyard.

22. The Look Of Fear

The Look Of Fear
Why does Clary look scared? Could this have something to do with the wish? What power does the sword and the ritual have?

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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 8: "A Heart of Darkness"
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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Seelie Queen: You look stunning as always. Edom’s done wonders for your complexion.
Lilith: And you are clearly eager to send me back there.
Seelie Queen: Don’t be silly. Endowing Eve with Seelie beauty was all the revenge my people ever needed.

Jordan: I know you don’t want me around, but you matter to me.
Maia: Stop!
Jordan: And you always will.
Maia: I said stop! It’s taken everything I’ve had to put you behind me. Why won’t you just let me hate you? Just let me hate you!
[Maia’s werewolf transformation begins]