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Lilith performs a spell to transport her base of operations to a new spot around the city.

Demon Jace torments the group while trapped in the Malakai Configuration. The group decides that Simon will go back to the abandoned building to find clues.

Magnus comes up with a plan for Alec to dig deep into Jace's subconscious to bring him back. However, there's a chance that Lilith could get her clutches on his soul. Isabelle is added to the plan to go into Jace's mind too.

Clary is brought to the court in Alicante to tell the truth. The Soul Sword is used to make her tell the truth. She confesses to Consul Penhallow that she came there to steal the Malakai Configuration.

Lilith plans to visit the Seelie Queen.

Jordan returns to Hunter's Moon to watch over Simon. Maia agrees to let Jordan join them in their search for Lilith.

Luke contacts Maryse to find someone in Alicante that can help free Clary. The only person is the woman who was having the affair with Robert.

Magnus performs the spell on Jace, but Jace resists.

Clary, through the sword's control, reveals that Jace killed Imogen and that he's possessed by Lilith.

Isabelle traps Jace in chains that can hold an angel. Magnus completes the spell to send Alec and Isabelle into Jace's mind.

Alec and Isabelle are in a darker version of the Institute. They chase a younger Jace and get separated in a hallway.

Lilith visits the Seelie realm and kills a bunch of knights to target the Seelie Queen. The mark on Simon's head is the Mark of Cain, and it was given to him since he's a Daylighter and the Seelies protect those who are special and unique.

Clary reveals to Consul Penhallow that she brought Jace back with the wish.

Jordan, Maia and Simon visits Lilith's old hideout; they find the blood alter. Jordan deduces the alter is for resurrection based on the symbols.

Isabelle reunites with younger Jace by bringing up a past memory. Alec enters a room filled with dead Clarys. He helps Jace overcome his fear; the siblings are reunited with the real Jace.

Maia gets so mad at Jordan that she starts transforming into the wolf. Simon calms her down and the change stops.

Jace begs Isabelle and Alec to kill him, but they refuse. As they're about to exit from his mind, Lilith arrives to fight Magnus. Lilith refuses to kill Magnus as she doesn't want to start a war with his father. She takes Jace with her.

Maia decides to go away for a while to clear her head.

Consul Penhallow sentences Clary to death.

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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Seelie Queen: You look stunning as always. Edom’s done wonders for your complexion.
Lilith: And you are clearly eager to send me back there.
Seelie Queen: Don’t be silly. Endowing Eve with Seelie beauty was all the revenge my people ever needed.

Jordan: I know you don’t want me around, but you matter to me.
Maia: Stop!
Jordan: And you always will.
Maia: I said stop! It’s taken everything I’ve had to put you behind me. Why won’t you just let me hate you? Just let me hate you!
[Maia’s werewolf transformation begins]