The 100: 30 Comedic Moments We Really Needed

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The 100 may praise itself about being all doom and gloom most of the time, but the true secret that it is keeping from us is the way that it is really a low-key comedy show. 

Humor can be hard to find when there is always a new end of the world situation that keeps the characters from just taking a minute out from their busy day to relax. And yet, there are some legendary one-liners and iconic scenes that ease up the intense buildup of each new season. 

Here is a slideshow dedicated to the funniest moments from The 100, whether it is purely hilarious or it stands out in a way that can't be ignored.

If you want to see these moments live, you can watch the 100 online to see them in context!

1. Roan and Clarke's Cinematic Masterpiece

Roan and Clarke's Cinematic Masterpiece
This has to be the best scene in this show's history. Roan acting like the gun was nothing, it gave a whole new definition to what counted as funny on The 100. Roan wasn't here for foolish behavior and that is why we were all here for him.

2. Octavia Lecturing Bellamy On Proper Cult Appreciation Etiquette

Octavia Lecturing Bellamy On Proper Cult Appreciation Etiquette
There is just something strangely funny about Octavia luring Bellamy into a false sense of security when she hugs him. He thinks he is seeing glimpses of his old sister again, and she turns the tables on him when she threatens him for going against Wonkru. Bellamy really thought nothing would change on the ground. Oops.

3. Bellamy's Inspirational Space Speeches

Bellamy's Inspirational Space Speeches
Nothing will ever beat Bellamy forcing Murphy to acknowledge his worth before he gets released from this weird dude wrestling match. Bellamy really knows how to structure support based on each individual friend and Murphy needs to know his value.

4. Bellamy's End of The World Flirting

Bellamy's End of The World Flirting
Bellamy really knows when to find the best timing to flirt with his partner, right before he left for a mission that he thought could serve as a good first date. Clarke was charmed despite the issues at hand because who wouldn't be. But really, what was up with that wink?

5. Charmaine's Lack of Subtlety

Charmaine's Lack of Subtlety
The key to real iconic moments of humor includes great line delivery. Charmaine proves over and over again what perfect timing does for even the meanest insult, specifically when it comes to Kane. There is nothing funny about Abby's addiction, and yet Charmaine manages to gain the upper hand and a smile with this dialogue.

6. Bellamy and Clarke's Date Night

Bellamy and Clarke's Date Night
There is something funny about Bellamy's continued attempt to prove how cool he was, only for that to completely fall apart when Clarke is around. This was only the beginning for Bellamy though, just wait until he actually touches her and can't process anything else. Don't worry Bellamy, we all lose our chill around Clarke too.

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