The 100: 30 Comedic Moments We Really Needed

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The 100 may praise itself about being all doom and gloom most of the time, but the true secret that it is keeping from us is the way that it is really a low-key comedy show. 

Humor can be hard to find when there is always a new end of the world situation that keeps the characters from just taking a minute out from their busy day to relax. And yet, there are some legendary one-liners and iconic scenes that ease up the intense buildup of each new season. 

Here is a slideshow dedicated to the funniest moments from The 100, whether it is purely hilarious or it stands out in a way that can't be ignored.

If you want to see these moments live, you can watch the 100 online to see them in context!

1. Roan and Clarke's Cinematic Masterpiece

Roan and Clarke's Cinematic Masterpiece
This has to be the best scene in this show's history. Roan acting like the gun was nothing, it gave a whole new definition to what counted as funny on The 100. Roan wasn't here for foolish behavior and that is why we were all here for him.

2. Octavia Lecturing Bellamy On Proper Cult Appreciation Etiquette

Octavia Lecturing Bellamy On Proper Cult Appreciation Etiquette
There is just something strangely funny about Octavia luring Bellamy into a false sense of security when she hugs him. He thinks he is seeing glimpses of his old sister again, and she turns the tables on him when she threatens him for going against Wonkru. Bellamy really thought nothing would change on the ground. Oops.

3. Bellamy's Inspirational Space Speeches

Bellamy's Inspirational Space Speeches
Nothing will ever beat Bellamy forcing Murphy to acknowledge his worth before he gets released from this weird dude wrestling match. Bellamy really knows how to structure support based on each individual friend and Murphy needs to know his value.

4. Bellamy's End of The World Flirting

Bellamy's End of The World Flirting
Bellamy really knows when to find the best timing to flirt with his partner, right before he left for a mission that he thought could serve as a good first date. Clarke was charmed despite the issues at hand because who wouldn't be. But really, what was up with that wink?

5. Charmaine's Lack of Subtlety

Charmaine's Lack of Subtlety
The key to real iconic moments of humor includes great line delivery. Charmaine proves over and over again what perfect timing does for even the meanest insult, specifically when it comes to Kane. There is nothing funny about Abby's addiction, and yet Charmaine manages to gain the upper hand and a smile with this dialogue.

6. Bellamy and Clarke's Date Night

Bellamy and Clarke's Date Night
There is something funny about Bellamy's continued attempt to prove how cool he was, only for that to completely fall apart when Clarke is around. This was only the beginning for Bellamy though, just wait until he actually touches her and can't process anything else. Don't worry Bellamy, we all lose our chill around Clarke too.

7. Madi Dropping Truth Bombs

Madi Dropping Truth Bombs
Murphy just can't stop disappointing people this season. Nothing hits as close to home though as Madi pointing out that he was the comedic relief most of the time, only for all of that to change now. If you aren't Madi's favorite then you are definitely doing something wrong.

8. Niylah Drinking Too Much Wonkru Kool Aid

Niylah Drinking Too Much Wonkru Kool Aid
Niylah was a long-awaited return during Season 5 when Octavia took over the bunker in some unexpected ways. Having Niylah be this ridiculously devoted to Octavia gave us this dialogue highlight.

9. Raven Reminds Bellamy Of His Achievements (Or Lack Thereof)

Raven Reminds Bellamy Of His Achievements (Or Lack Thereof)
Getting to find out a new Blake family fact only gets better with a side of Raven Reyes sass. Bellamy has an astronaut with actual PhDs in his family tree, and all he did was try to save the world a couple of times over.

10. Monty and Jasper's Dessert Date

Monty and Jasper's Dessert Date
Chocolate cake is too good to share. I can't even believe that Jasper thought Monty would give up his own piece.

11. Clarke's Incoming Storm

Clarke's Incoming Storm
This prank was really just the beginning of Clarke's very stressful day, but we are still going to take a second to remember how iconic this was. For a season hovering over a huge end of the world crisis, The 100 still found time to have some fun and Clarke got the break that she needed in an unconventional way.

12. Bellamy's Night Out Watching The Opera

Bellamy's Night Out Watching The Opera
Bellamy Blake is a classy theater fan, which is why he knew to bring his own binoculars if he wanted to get a good look at this new sold-out show. It may not be Hamilton, but The Praimfaya Conclave may be the next best thing.

13. Monty's Anti Shipping Ways

Monty's Anti Shipping Ways
Who shipped Raven and Finn? No one. Monty took one for the team when he broke up their "perfect" moment to spare us a bit going forward. If you pay close attention though, you may also pick up a science lesson here and there from one of the smartest people on the show.

14. Bellamy Blake's Apocalyptic Words of Encouragement

Bellamy Blake's Apocalyptic Words of Encouragement
This really speaks for itself. This line alone should earn Bellamy a good insult award of some kind, not to mention how much sense he made when they were all running low on time. This is what happens when you are impatiently waiting for your platonic soulmate to come back, you develop good jokes.

15. Octavia's Belief System

Octavia's Belief System
What a line. At first, we were all Clarke level judgemental and then Octavia somehow proved that right? The wind was a death sentence that Wonkru overcame with few casualties and this cult just got that much creepier.

16. Raven Reyes One-Liners

Raven Reyes One-Liners
Don't ask strange questions if you don't want suspiciously convenient answers to those questions. Raven is not here to mess around or waste time when she has a group of friends to get down to that she doesn't even know about yet.

17. Clarke Challenges Charmaine

Clarke Challenges Charmaine
Charmaine thought she was the one in control of the conversation, but she had a whole new Clarke storm coming. This version of our favorite lead is emotionally charged but she is also just plain epic.

18. Murphy's Stories of Useless Sorrow

Murphy's Stories of Useless Sorrow
You don't complain to someone as resilient and strong as Raven, you just don't. Especially not when you lose your girl and she picks her up right after.

19. Jasper and Bellamy's Time Jump Handshake

Jasper and Bellamy's Time Jump Handshake
Bellamy and Jasper's friendship was stronger than ever, yet their signature handshake could use some work. Bellamy expecting some respect as a leader flew out the window, as did the good hair day that he was probably having. Still, that made for a very memorable scene that is even better on a rewatch.

20. Lexa's "This is Sparta" Move

Lexa's "This is Sparta" Move
A leader has to assert their dominance, which is why movies are such a great inspiration for that. Lexa took that in stride when she made it clear who was in charge, literally throwing out the competition.

21. Octavia's Magic Creation

Octavia's Magic Creation
If only Arkadia had Octavia's magic stick in Season 3. But really, what a funny scene that doesn't get the appreciation that it deserves. It has that nostalgic feeling around it that we all think about from time to time, back when things were much more pure and calm. Also, who else is missing Octavia and Jasper's friendship right about now?

22. The New Guy

The New Guy
Vinson may be a serial killer but he is a serial killer who is still a nice guy! All he really wants is to make some nice new friends, as long as they keep their hands and feet away from him.

23. Raven's Romantic Ways

Raven's Romantic Ways
Compliments like the ones that Raven comes up with are the true heroes of the show. This is how Raven Reyes gets all the ladies, just ask Gina, Luna, Emori, and Clarke.

24. Jasper's Fun Shower Time

Jasper's Fun Shower Time
There are no words for a scene like this, which is exactly how Monty felt too when Jasper asked to look at him.

25. Spelling Lessons With Wells

Spelling Lessons With Wells
Wells may not be a fighter, but he definitely has a way with words. Not only did he teach Murphy, he also taught us that the real way to insult someone is to point out just how desperately they need spellcheck.

26. Bellamy and Roan's Bromance Development

Bellamy and Roan's Bromance Development
The first step to a healthy friendship is airing out some of the old issues, like stabbing someone in the leg and then shooting someone in the arm. It's all about the little apologies for the sake of a new bromance.

27. Monty's Pinecone Hangover

Monty's Pinecone Hangover
This entire episode had countless highlights because getting high on nuts comes with plenty of hilarious moments. But this was a gem that some may have missed on the first watch, and yet there is a lesson in all this. Don't eat hallucinogenic nuts or else you will eat nature.

28. Murphy's Weapons of Mass Erosion

Murphy's Weapons of Mass Erosion
It isn't always about the what kind of weapon you get, it is more about the damage you do with it. Murphy really made those rocks his own, and maybe someday he will get that upgrade.

29. Octavia Solving The Real Bunker Problems

Octavia Solving The Real Bunker Problems
Lack of food is no real issue when you have a blanket thief in the bunker somewhere. Octavia may be unpredictable and terrifying at times, but this flashback moment deserves its very own slide. Everyone was just lost until Octavia came around with her quick blanket thinking.

30. Clarke Introducing Her Friends to Lexa(?)

Clarke Introducing Her Friends to Lexa(?)
Clarke was going through a real loss, something we all completely understand. But there is something about the way she thought the flame was Lexa in front of everyone that makes you question how they reacted. They all saw Lexa, so having Clarke cry out that a piece of plastic was actually her had to be ... confusing.

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