Beverly Hills 90210 Cast: Where Are They Now?

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Beverly Hills 90210 opened our eyes to issues facing teens in the 90s. We fell so in love with the characters, we felt like they were our friends.

When the series ended in 2000, we had invested 10 years with these kids.

It's now 18 years later. What have they been up to and where are they now?

Read on to find out.

1. Jason Priestly - Brandon Walsh

Jason Priestly - Brandon Walsh
Jason Priestly was teen heartthrob, Brandon Walsh, and was plastered all over teen girl's bedrooms in the 90s. We were heartbroken when left before the series ended!

Since Beverly Hills 90210, he's been busy playing in various movies and television over the years. Most recently, he plays Matt Shade, a hockey player turned private investigator in Private Eyes.

Jason also played lead roles in TV's Call Me Fitz and Raising Expectations.

2. Shannen Doherty - Brenda Walsh

Shannen Doherty - Brenda Walsh
Shannen Doherty played Brandon's twin sister Brenda until 1994 when she was written off the show.

Since then, she's played in some made for TV movies and as a host on Scare Tactics. Her biggest role since 90210 was as Prue on Charmed.

Like Jennie Garth, she was on Dancing with the Stars, and she was supposed to play in the TV adaptation of Heathers. Heathers has been put on hold for the time being.

3. Carol Potter - Cindy Walsh

Carol Potter - Cindy Walsh
Carol Potter played Cindy Walsh, Brandon and Brenda doting mother. She wasn't only their caring mother, she was also mother to the rest of the Beverly Hills crew. She was always there for all of them when they needed her.

After leaving Beverly Hills 90210 before the series ended, Carol was cast in a recurring role in Sunset Beach for a few years.

Since then she's stayed mainly out of the acting game, guest starring in a few TV shows including NYPD Blue, Crossing Jordan, JAG, and Greek.

4. James Eckhouse - Jim Walsh

James Eckhouse - Jim Walsh
James Eckhouse was the straight-laced dad to Brandon and Brenda who was full of advice for all. Jim Walsh was known for being a caring but firm-ish father figure to the Beverly Hills 90210 teens.

After James left with Carol before the show ended, he moved on to do a large number of TV roles including The West Wing, Without a Trace, Criminal Minds, Southland, and The Good Wife. Most recently, James can be found on hit shows: Station 19, NCIS, and Code Black!

Sidenote: he married a woman with the last name Walsh!

5. Jennie Garth - Kelly Taylor

Jennie Garth - Kelly Taylor
Jennie Garth played Kelly Taylor, who started out as a rich snob but ended up a sweetheart.

When the series ended, Jennie went on to play different roles mostly in movies. Jennie seems to like the Reality TV genre because she's played in: Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country, The Jennie Garth Project, RuPaul's Drag Race, and Dancing with the Stars!

Most recently, you can see Jennie play herself in The Mick on Fox.

6. Luke Perry - Dylan McKay

Luke Perry - Dylan McKay
Bad boy Dylan McKay, was played by the talented Luke Perry. He also donned teen girl's bedroom walls. Not everyone was team Brandon!

After taking a short break once 90210 ended, he landed a role in the movie Jeremiah. Luke's played various parts over the years in both TV and in films, most recently he plays Fred Andrews in Riverdale.

He's also had roles on Law and Order: SVU, Criminal Minds, Leverage, and Major Crimes. He's still got that swagger.

7. Tori Spelling - Donna Martin

Tori Spelling - Donna Martin
Tori Spelling played Donna Martin, sweet goody two shoes and David Silver's girlfriend. Since the end of 90210, Tori has made some movies but has mostly stuck close to television, playing in several TV movies and some reality TV with her husband, Dean.

Most recently, Tori's been seen on RuPaul's Drag Race as a guest judge, and has been busy publishing books, and raising her four children.

8. Ian Ziering - Steve Sanders

Ian Ziering - Steve Sanders
Aside from playing Brandon Walsh's funny friend, Steve Sanders, you probably recognize Ian from his role in the Sharknado series. There are six of them!

He's also done some movie work and been in several made for TV movies. You might have also seen him in episodes from The Thundermans, Defiance, and Hell's Kitchen.

9. Gabrielle Carteris - Andrea Zuckerman

Gabrielle Carteris - Andrea Zuckerman
Brainiac and editor of the school newspaper, Andrea Zuckerman, was played by Gabrielle Carteris.

Gabrielle left the series in 1995 to host her own talk show, but it only lasted for a season. Since then, she's been in many made for TV movies and has played parts in many shows like The Event, Code Black, Criminal Minds, and NCIS!

Can you believe she was 29 years old when she played 15-year-old Andrea?

10. Joe E. Tata - Nat Bussichio

Joe E. Tata - Nat Bussichio
Who could forget the owner of the Peach Pit, Nat. Played by Joe E. Tata, Nat provided the kids of Beverly Hills a favorite place to hang out. In return, the kids saved the Peach Pit when Nat had a heart attack and almost lost the place.

After Beverly Hills 90210 ended, Joe went on to appear in the Beverly Hills 90210 spin-off, 90210, and Charmed. Since then, he's stayed out of the acting world to enjoy spending time with his family.

That's so Nat!

11. Tiffani Amber Thiessen - Valerie Malone

Tiffani Amber Thiessen - Valerie Malone
Tiffani Amber Thiessen starred as Valerie Malone, owner of the Peach Pit After Dark. She was always kind of an outsider who liked to cause a little trouble.

After leaving 90210 a couple of years before the show ended, Tiffani spent her time making a few movies and, like Tori, stuck mostly to TV. She played roles in Just Shoot Me, Fastlane, and Good Morning, Miami before landing in the kitchen.

Now she hosts her own cooking show called Dinner at Tiffani's (adorable) and stars as Lori in Alexa & Katie.

12. Kathleen Robertson - Clare Arnold

Kathleen Robertson - Clare Arnold
Kathleen Robertson played Clare Arnold, daughter of the chancellor and a snobby rich girl, who worked her way through the Beverly Hills guys and ended up with Steve.

After she left Steve to live with her father, and left the show, Kathleen moved on with her acting career.

Playing roles in several TV shows and movies like Scary Movie 2, Girls Club, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Bates Motel, Kathleen's most recent work is on Murder in the First and Northern Rescue.

13. Brian Austin Green - David Silver

Brian Austin Green - David Silver
Green played David Silver, Donna's boyfriend and DJ for the school. He was always trying to fit in with the crowd. We think he belonged hanging on girl's bedroom walls with Dylan and Brandon!

Since the show ended, Brian has been spending his time making films including Don't Blink and Cross Wars. He also had recurring roles on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Smallville, Desperate Housewives, and Anger Management.

He's been busy!

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