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Flip through new photos from The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 18, "Forest Green." It will first air Sunday, April 20th on CBS.

1. Money Burning

Money Burning
Is this Patrick Jane's way of proving that he has money to burn on The Mentalist? "Forest Green" is the 18th episode of the show's sixth season.

2. So Very Serious

So Very Serious
Jane's looking so very serious about his wallet. We can only wonder what kind of con he's pulling now on The Mentalist.

3. The Rest of the FBI Team

The Rest of the FBI Team
The rest of the FBI team just watches in awe as Jane hobnobs with the rich men of this social club in the hopes of getting close to a murderer. "Forest Green" airs Sunday, April 20th on CBS.

4. Their Newest Member

Their Newest Member
Wouldn't you want Patrick Jane as a member of your club? "Forest Green" is the 18th episode of the sixth season.

5. Infiltrating a Social Club

Infiltrating a Social Club
Someone has to infiltrate a men's social club to get answers about a murder. We have no doubt that Patrick Jane can get it done.

6. The Man With the Plan

The Man With the Plan
Patrick Jane looks like a man with a plan to catch a killer on the next episode of The Mentalist.

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The Mentalist Quotes

Jane: That is a very lovely dress - great color.
Heather: Thank you I am Heather Evans.

Cho: You didn't steal jewelery from her?
Natalie: Please. She dresses like a Mormon call girl. I wouldn't wear her jewelery if you paid me.