The Originals Final Season: Everything We Know So Far

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After much anticipation, Julie Plec finally revealed that The Originals will begin their final journey on Friday, April 20th!

Before the series takes its final bow, however, the 13-episode fifth season will time jump ahead eight-years, bring back some familiar faces, and introduce new love stories!

As the Mikealson clan fights to find a way back to each other and defeat the Hollow once and for all, we prepare to say goodbye to the original family (and possibly 'hello' to a Hope-inspired spin-off)!

Hopefully, you watch The Originals online so you know what's come before, but here's what we know about the last hurrah in New Orleans. 


1. Caroline Forbes Will Guest Star!

Caroline Forbes Will Guest Star!
Klaus has always wanted to show Caroline Forbes (Candice King) the world and believed that one day he would be able to do so. Turns out, that one day has come. It's been announced that Caroline will be paying New Orleans a visit and will be sticking around for more than the one episode-arc that was originally teased. The original vampire and Stefan's former wife will share several scenes together, however, romance doesn't seem to be in the cards. Caroline and Klaus are said to cross paths in Europe after Rebekah — who cannot visit Klaus herself due to the Hollow's curse —asks Caroline for help with a sort of "intervention." It's said Caroline will be a source of support for Klaus, drawing on her own experiences as a mother. Do you think their kids are besties yet?

2. Klaus Lets His Vulnerable Side Shine

Klaus Lets His Vulnerable Side Shine
On a rare occasion, when there's a full moon, we see a different side of Klaus; one that strips him of his dominant vampire hybrid persona and reveals a vulnerable man who just wants to be loved. Oftentimes, it's more enjoyable than watching him rip into his enemies and command control of New Orleans. Will he finally get his redemption?

3. Hope is Grown

Hope is Grown
We know there's a time jump and since Danielle Rose-Russell has been cast as the teenage Hope (we'll miss you Summer Fontana), we know it's at least eight years forward. Hope's been studying at Alaric and Caroline's Mystic Falls-based school for the supernatural, so she's probably a force to be reckoned with now.

4. And She Has a Love Interest!

And She Has a Love Interest!
Hope is involved with a boy from school named Roman (Jedidiah Goodacre of Descendants), who is described as a "freshly turned vampire who becomes curious about Hope and her family after she's involved in an "mysterious incident" at school." Seriously, what did you expect from a school filled with magical children?

5. And a New Friend

And a New Friend
The series welcomes Aria Shahghasemi who joins the final season in the 12th episode. He will play Landon, a “thoughtful, compassionate and self-aware kid from the wrong side of the tracks who catches Hope’s attention when she witnesses him being bullied by his affluent classmates,” according to TVLine. He's reportedly a human, but if he's going to school with Hope, we're guessing he has to have some supernatural background.

6. Hope May Also Be Getting a Spin-Off

Hope May Also Be Getting a Spin-Off
If you aren't ready to say goodbye to the Mikealson story just yet, you'll be happy to know that there are talks of a possible spin-off involving Hope. “There’s been many conversations about the character Hope,” CW President Mark Pedowitz told reporters, but admitted, "it's too early in the process." With the addition of a teenage hope and a handful of new castmates from her supernatural school in Mystic Falls, the groundwork has already been laid.

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