The Originals Photo from "Le Grand Guignol"

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What can fans expect from The Originals episode "Le Grand Guignol?"

Click through these photos now and find out!

1. It's Mikael!!!

It's Mikael!!!
This is a revealing photo from The Originals Season 1 Episode 15. Look who's interacting with Marcel.

2. Very Angry Klaus

Very Angry Klaus
Klaus is very, very unhappy at the moment. He recently learned about a major sisterly betrayal.

3. Staring Down Sabine

Staring Down Sabine
Elijah stares down Sabine in this scene from The Originals. Or should we call her Celeste?

4. Pair of Originals

Pair of Originals
Elijah and Rebekah confer in this scene from The Originals. It's taken from the episode Le Grand Guignol."

5. Celeste and Elijah

Celeste and Elijah
Celeste and Elijah really were in love one day on The Originals, as hard as that is to believe now.

6. Elijah and Celeste

Elijah and Celeste
What do we have here? Why is Elijah getting close to Celeste?

7. Rebekah and Marcel on the Run

Rebekah and Marcel on the Run
Rebekah and Marcel are on the run from Klaus in this scene. Can you blame them?

8. Celeste Photo

Celeste Photo
Celeste has come a long way to seek her revenge against those who have wronged her. This includes Elijah, of course.

9. Marcel and Rebekah Image

Marcel and Rebekah Image
Marcel and Rebekah are up to something shady in this photo. It's from the episode "Le Grand Guignol."

10. Rebekah in the Run

Rebekah in the Run
Rebekah has reason to be concerned on The Originals. Her brother sort of wants to kill her.

11. Marcel Flashback Photo

Marcel Flashback Photo
Marcel cleans up nice, huh? He's photographed here back in 1919.

12. 1919 Romance

1919 Romance
Rebekah and Marcel are so in love. They hang out here in 1919.

13. Klaus Seeks Rebekah

Klaus Seeks Rebekah
Klaus is on the war path. Everyone else might wanna steer clear of this Original.

14. Elijah vs. Celeste

Elijah vs. Celeste
Times sure have changed for Elijah and Celeste. They aren't exactly lovers anymore.

15. Elijah in His Suit

Elijah in His Suit
Elijah dons a suit in this scene from The Originals. It's his usual garb.

16. Running Scared

Running Scared
Elijah and Rebekah have a reason to be worried. Klaus is hot on their trail.

17. Drinking with Marcel

Drinking with Marcel
Cheers! We're back in 1919 with Marcel in this photo from Th Originals.

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