Things We're Thankful for on Days of Our Lives

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Dannifer is over. Hope and Aidan bring the romance. Check out our list of thinks we're thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday on Days of Our Lives. 

1. The End of Dannifer

The End of Dannifer
Is it the end of Daniel and Jennifer as a couple? We certainly hope so. If it is we'll be very, very thankful.

2. Just Friends?

Just Friends?
Daniel and Nicole have decided to remain just friends. We're thankful and we hope it stays that way.

3. We're Thankful for Nicole

We're Thankful for Nicole
Actress Arianne Zucker does a wonderful job of making us want to root for Nicole no matter what she does.

4. Will is Gone

Will is Gone
There was a time we rooted for Will. How times have changed. Now we're just thankful that he's left town.

5. Hope and Aidan

Hope and Aidan
We're thankful that Hope and Aidan have finally become a couple. They're currently our favorite romance in Salem.

6. Salem's Youngest Bad Girl

Salem's Youngest Bad Girl
Who would have thought that Bo and Hope's little girl could be Salem's up and coming bad girl? Not us, but we're enjoying every minute of watching her come into her own.

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