21 Super Sexy Soap Opera Couples

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The term first caught fire with the popularity of General Hospital's Luke and Laura and it quickly took off from there.

At a time when romance was a daytime drama's bread and butter, every soap opera had its super couples, sometimes several airing at one time.

Check out our 21 Most Memorable Soap Opera Super Couples. From Bo and Hope to Tad and Dixie, we took a look at the soaps still on the air and those we still tear up over now that they're gone.

When we first dove into this topic, we soon realized there were more remarkable couples on soaps than we could cover in just one article... so you'll have to check back in the coming weeks for part 2! 


1. Luke and Laura - General Hospital

Where to begin with this quintessential soap opera couple? Luke Spencer and Laura Webber are arguably the king and queen of daytime supercouples. Their romance had a rocky start, to put it lightly. But GH fans fully embraced the duo and even non-soap watchers recognize the name of this famous pairing. Their 1981 wedding is, to this day, the most-watched episode of any soap opera EVER. Luke and Laura had so many adventures throughout General Hospital's heyday (the Ice Princess! Dealing with the Cassadines!), cementing their legacy in soap opera history. Though they haven't been paired romantically in many years, their 'ship was so enigmatic and memorable that they remain one of the most popular supercouples of all time, in any media. Now that Tony Geary has departed and Luke's final on-screen appearance is fast approaching, we're clamoring to see how Luke's goodbye with a recently-returned Laura will pan out.

2. Cruz and Eden - Santa Barbara

Eden Capwell and Cruz Castillo were unexpected and awesome for many reasons. First, they didn't even like each other when they first came into contact with one another. Second, they were both actively persuing other people, and, third, it wasn't the norm at the time for the pretty blonde girl to fall for the hispanic gentleman, so the racial storyline was somewhat historic in nature. They bucked it all and became one for the ages.

3. Bo and Hope - Days of Our Lives

Next to the iconic Luke and Laura, Bo and Hope were one of the 1980's original super couples. Fans will never forget Bo rescuing her on his motorcycle from her wedding to Larry Welch or their romantic first time making love at the Oak Alley Plantation in New Orleans. Despite their epic love which saw them through kidnappings, presumed dead experiences and the loss of their son Zack, it was Bo’s determination to bring down the evil Stefano DiMera that eventually drove this couple apart.

4. Tad and Dixie - All My Children

Tad Martin and Dixie Cooney were a gold standard for a soap opera super couple. On their path to love, Tad needed to rescue Dixie from the clutches of Adam Chandler who, with the help of Dr. Snow, made Dixie believe she was crazy. After saving Dixie, and a chicken suit proposal, it was smooth sailing as the couple married. Meddling parents got in the way, and the pair soon divorced, but reconciled and planned to re-marry... Until Tad was presumed dead in an explosion. In the soapiest of soapy comebacks,Tad returned with amnesia and a new identity, but he and Dixie managed to find their way back to each other, and re-married. They would divorce and remarry one more time, Dixie would be presumed dead (twice!), another doctor would hold her captive, and Tad would have a child with another woman, but they'd always find their way back to each other.

5. Josh and Reva - Guilding Light

Josh Lewis and Reva Shane spent more of their time involved with others and pining after each other than they did together, but that never diminished their love. They were one of the all time greats, always finding their way back to each other, even after Reva married every other male in Josh's family. Their wedding at Cross Creek was one of the most lauded in soap history. They each died and came back and ultimately waved goodbye on the very last episode of Guiding Light by each others side.

6. Kimberly and Shane - Days of Our Lives

ISA agent Shane Donovan spied on prostitute Kimberly Brady. Many of Kim's clients were connected to evil mastermind Stefano DiMera. Eventually the two began working together and Kim revealed that she was molested as a child. She left the business and the two fell in love. They endured many trials including Shane’s presumed dead wife showing up and his surprised teenage daughter. In order to save Shane’s life while on a mission, Kim slept with crime lord Victor Kiriakis which led to a question about baby Andrew's paternity (he turned out to be Shane's.) Despite it all, their love endured and their 1987 wedding was one of the most beautiful on TV.

7. Sharon and Nick - The Young and the Restless

Nick and Sharon first met in 1994. Nick is Victor's son and Sharon is a nobody from the wrong side of the tracks, something that to this day, a couple marriages (even one to Victor...cue ewww factor) and children later, that still doesn't sit well with Victor or Nikki. No matter how messed up or how far apart "Shick" get, the idea is that you feel for whoever else they're with because ultimately they will find their way back to each other.

8. Blair and Todd - One Life to Live

Blair Cramer and Todd Manning had an intense, often chaotic love affair. When they were on, their chemistry was off the charts; when they were off, or when Todd was feeling particularly antihero-ish, things got bad (kidnapping Jack and making Blair think the baby was dead because he thought it was another man's, for one). After many years of being in other relationships, hating each other, three kids and a grandkid, and Todd going through a couple of face-changes, the cancellation of OLTL left things unresolved for these two. In fan head-canon, they definitely rode off into the sunset together.

9. Sonny and Brenda - General Hospital

The attraction between mobster Sonny Corintho's and the beautiful Brenda Barrett was instantaneous and always bordered on the forbidden, especially since Brenda was only 18 when they met. Like moths to a flame, they couldn't resist each other but the two were always volatile. Their many make-ups and break-ups included Brenda wearing a wire for the police, Sonny's wife being killed by car bomb meant for him, Sonny leaving Brenda at the altar, Brenda being presumed dead when her car went off a cliff…and on and on. They finally split when Brenda decided she had to keep the son she never knew she had, safe from Sonny’s life. Still, fans have hope that these two will eventually reunite.

10. Brian and Hayley - All My Children

Teenage love in the early 90's was in full bloom when Hayley Vaughn met Brian Bodine. Hayley was a goth teen with a drinking problem. Brian was a nice guy with an abusive father. Brian melted Hayley's icy heart, love blossomed, and the teens got engaged. Hayley's father, Adam, quickly put a stop to their wedding plans, just the first roadblock in their on and off romance which also included the murder mystery involving who killed Hayley's husband, Will Cortland. Hayley and Brian's romance fizzled, ultimately, but they upped the ante on teenage love in Pine Valley.

11. Meg and Ben - Sunset Beach

Ben and Meg met under the most random circumstances and survived several attempts on their lives, but both came out the other end unscathed and happily married. Sure, it was a fairytale ending, but they deserved it!

12. Anna and Duke - General Hospital

General Hospital's sexiest international pair, Anna Devane and Duke Lavery, defied death to reunite over 20 years after Duke's presumed death but were torn apart yet again when he was shot and killed earlier this year. Though it looks like he's gone for good this time, we'll always fondly remember the couple's romantic tangos and swoon-worthy chemistry.

13. Julia and Noah - All My Children

When a tornado hit Pine Valley, it left Julia Santos disfigured, alone, and scared. Noah Keefer took a break from looting to care for Julia, and nurse her back to health. The two fell in love, despite Julia's anxiety over her scarred face. When Julia was raped shortly after and discovered that she was pregnant, Noah stood by her decision to abort the pregnancy, and continued to watch over Julia. Julia eventually got her face back, and she and Noah had a Cinderella themed wedding, complete with glass slippers, provided by the Fairy Godmother herself, Erica Kane.

14. Steve and Kayla - Days of Our Lives

Steve Johnson (aka Patch, thanks to an eye patch) first came to Salem as a dangerous mercenary who knew Kayla Brady’s brother Bo from their time together in the Merchant Marines. Kayla was convinced that they were meant to be together despite her family's misgivings and Steve's own concerns about being good enough for her. To make things more complicated, Kayla was raped by Steve's half brother and later attacked by serial killer Harper Deveraux which left her deaf. With the help of surgery, Kayla's hearing and speech came back in time for her to say "I do" during her wedding to Steve. Unfortunately, the two were separated for years when Steve was presumed dead and when he did come back, their marriage eventually ended in divorce. Still, they remain one of Days of Our Lives most popular all time couples.

15. Alison and Rafe - Port Charles

Rafe Kovich was an angel. No, really. And a vampire slayer. Alison Barrington was a teenager growing into adulthood, involved with someone else. When Alison is hurt, Rafe uses his powers to save her. Although not originally slated for a romantic interlude, the two actors were so electric together, the story was written specifically because of their organic chemistry. Viewers were utterly swept up in their supernatural love story.

16. Beth and Phillip - Guiding Light

Philip Spaulding was the rich boy with the silver spoon in his mouth and Beth Raines was the girl who lived with an abusive step father. They met in high school, while Philip was dating another wealthy, popular girl. Beth's troubles made her more difficult to get to know, but they fought to be together and over the years married, divorced and remarried, having children and counting on each other more than anyone else in their lives. Through everything, they remained friends. They were the ultimate "they'll wind up together" couple, because it was impossible to believe anything could keep them apart forever.

17. Jason and Elizabeth - General Hospital

It feels like Liz Webber and Jason Morgan aka "Jake Doe" have been on-again/off-again for decades, between (and even through) multiple marriages and other super couple pairings on both of their parts, and the tragic death of their son, Jake. "Liason" fans finally got their wish when the two reunited for their longest stretch earlier this year - though, with Jason's amnesia and Liz keeping "Jake's" real identity a secret from everyone (including Jason's wife!), the circumstances are less than ideal.

18. Jessica and Nash - One Life to Live

One Life to Live's Nash and Jessica endured a lot. They were originally paired when Jess' alternate personality, Tess, was in control, even though Jessica was still married to Antonio Vega at the time. In the end, an integrated Jess chose Nash, and they had a daughter Bree. Unfortunately their time together was cut short when Nash was accidentally killed in an altercation with Jared, Jess' twin, Natalie's boyfriend, leading to one of the most heartbreaking goodbyes in all of soapdom. I still can't think about their "You are my heart" motif without sobbing!

19. Jenny and Greg - All My Children

Jenny Gardner was from the wrong side of the tracks, but Greg Nelson didn't care; he fell in love with her anyway. Many obstacles stood in their way on the road to happiness, for example, Greg's snobby mother Enid, who looked down on Jenny, and never approved of their romance. There was also Liza Colby, who was hell-bent on stealing Greg for herself. Greg was paralyzed in a fall, and broke up with Jenny to encourage her to pursue her modeling dream in NYC. But love prevailed and Jennny and Greg ultimately married in one of All My Children's most romantic weddings. Their happiness would be short lived, sadly. During a jet ski explosion, which was actually an attempt to kill Greg, Jenny died instead.

20. Morgan and Kelly - Guiding Light

Morgan Richards and Kelly Nelson were young and fresh and oh so pretty to look at! It was at the time Kevin Bacon was on Guilding Light, too. Morgan fell in love with Kelly Nelson, a doctor who was one of the most wanted men in town, but he only wanted her. They spent all their time at Laurel Falls being romantic and looking wistfully into each others eyes, fending off unwanted suitors, fighting for their love. Their wedding was a big thing at the time that it made it to the cover of our local tv section in the newspaper. The actor who played Kelly Nelson? John Wesley Shipp. He's playing Barry Allen's father on The Flash!

21. Jack and Jennifer - Days of Our Lives

Jennifer Horton was a journalism student. Jack Devereaux was the Editor-in-Chief with a troubled past. Their verbal sparring turned into an attraction that was undeniable. Their first kiss took place in the office of the The Spectator. Their first time making love took place in a cave on a deserted island. Even their wedding was unique as it occurred at Salem’s Wild West Arena (a place never to be seen before or since). They broke up many times, mostly because Jack never felt worthy, but somehow they always found their way back together... that was until Jack plummeted to his death in an elevator accident after saving their daughter.

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