TV Fanatic Fantasy Football: Who Would We Draft?

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Television has been filled for years with breakout fictional football players.

So, with the 2015-2016 is full swing pass and with the 2015-2016 fall TV season now underway, it felt like the perfect time to combine these interest and present our ultimate team of fake football players.

Who is under center? Who is taking the handoffs? Who leading these young men into battle?

Let's break the huddle and find out...

1. Jason Street (Friday Night Lights)

We didn't see a lot of him on the field... but what an arm! And what a story: after getting paralyzed during his senior season, Street went on to become a father and an inspiration to millions. You just can't find this sort of combination anywhere else.

2. Demetrius "D.H." Harris (Playmakers)

You thought we'd go with Brian Williams or Tim Riggins, didn't you? But we like our leading rusher to run angry, like Marshawn Lynch. It's safe to say Harris fits that tempermental bill.

3. A.C. Slater (Saved by the Bell)

We're pretty sure Slater played quarterback for Bayside High School. But considering he also ran track and wrestled, we're also pretty sure he's athletic enough to learn tight end. He did possess one, after all.

4. Terrence King (Necessary Roughness)

Yes, T.K. was a bit of a prima donna. But give us a break. Would you not take Dez Bryant on your actual fantasy team?!?

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