TV Fanatic Fantasy Football: Who Would We Draft?

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5. Spencer Strasmore (Ballers)

Some fantasy leagues as you to draft a defensive player. And who else would we choose to line up on that end than this former linebacker, played by actual former football player Dwayne Johnson?

6. Harmon Tedesco (Blue Mountain State)

Harmon Tedesco likes drugs and he liked woman, but whatever. As long as he can put the ball through the uprights.

7. Manny Delgado (Modern Family)

Never underestimate the importance of team chemistry. Manny may not get a lot done on the field, but he'll keep our spirits high in the locker room as our top warmer of the bench. (And our players will get REALLY excited every time his mom comes to watch a game.)

8. Eric Taylor (Friday Night Lights)

Clear eyes, full hearts... you can't be serious if you thought we'd go with anyone else as Head Coach.

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