WGN America's Outsiders Cast Interviews: "Little House on the Prairie Meets Mad Max"

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WGN America's new series, Outsiders, features amazing acting and behind the scenes talent. They've likely been entertaining you for years, but the show itself is something new.

We had the opportunity to meet with them to discuss what they thought of working on this groundbreaking new series, their feelings on the characters and bringing life atop a mountain in Appalachia to television. 

Find out what the superb cast as well as writer, creator and executive producer Petter Mattei and executive producer Peter Tolan had to say about their experiences working on the series in the exclusive interviews below.

Tune into the series premiere tonight on WGN America at 9/8c.


1. Outsiders Interview: Gillian Alexy and Ryan Hurst

Gillian Alexy and Ryan Hurst star as G'Winveer and Lil Foster on Outsiders. Alexy and Hurst discuss G'Winveer's moral compass and relationship with two of the leading men of the series, Hurst and Joe Anderson's Asa, and the human truth the series is rooted in. You won't know how to feel about anybody, but you'll continue to watch.

2. Outsiders Interview: Kyle Gallner and Christina Jackson

Kyle Gallner and Christina Jackson star on Outsiders as Hasil and Sally-Ann. Gallner and Jackson found themselves interested in how closely the characters were to themselves, while the tales of Appalachia are actually so different than anything we've seen on television so far. Creating a new world for those watching is so appealing.

3. Outsiders Interview: Thomas M. Wright and David Morse

Thomas M. Wright and David Morse star as Wade Houghton and Big Foster on Outsiders. Wright and Morse were invested in the complexity of the story and playing flawed characters. Wright was happy Morse chose to play Big Foster because of what he brought to the role and they both found the setting of Applachia and the world very unique.

4. Outsiders Interview: Peter Mattei and Peter Tolan

Outsiders Writer and Creator Peter Mattei shares what inspired him, including his interest in outsiders in general, and Executive Producer Peter Tolan talks about breaking away from comedy and the comedic undertones found in Outsiders. We also chat about filming in and around Pittsburgh.

5. Lil Foster, G'Winveer and Asa

Lil Foster, G'Winveer and Asa
Focusing on the Farrells, a clan who live atop Shay Mountain in the Appalachians, they live off the grid and by their own set of rules. They'd like it to stay that way.

However, Big Coal wants to put an end to their world, kick them off the Mountain and start mining. The Bren'in, the clan's leader, knows something needs to be done, but without an understanding of conventional society is unsure exactly what to do. When Asa Farrell (Joe Anderson) returns from his life in Los Angeles, and the Bren'in takes ill, a fight ensues between what was and what will be.

6. Three Wheelin'

Three Wheelin'
David Morse stars as Big Foster, next in line for Bren'in. His son, Lil Foster (Ryan Hurst), only wants his love and respect. Lil Foster's girlfriend, a beautiful healer named G'Winveer (Gillian Alexy), shares a past with Asa. Hasil (Kyle Gallner) thinks what Asa did is to be admired and falls for a towns girl, Sally-Ann (Christina Jackson), who finds herself drawn to the Farrells.

On the edge of it all and protecting the Farrell clan for reasons we can't exactly determine but really want to know is Sheriff Wade Houghton (Thomas M. Wright). He wants to keep at bay a battle the likes of which neither side may understand, but his family history may have suffered, from erupting.

The series is gripping and compelling, opening an interesting new world for us to discover. The acting and storytelling is as we have come to expect from WGN America series; top notch.

While watching, you'll soon discover it's impossible to pick a side. With one foot up Shay Mountain and one foot down, it's a fine balancing act of gray areas trying to decide what's right and wrong and whether you side with the law abiding citizens and those who live outside of it.

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Gw'ynn: Just find your fa. I'll handle Asa.
Little Foster: So you say.

You married my fa for this stick and then tried to poison him and when that didn't work you, had your lostie, Asa try to kill him.

Little Foster