Outsiders Season 2 Episode 11 Review: The Run

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What the heck just happened?

I'm in shock after Outsiders Season 2 Episode 11. It was definitely the best episode of the entire series.

Losing characters is never easy, but something tells me Haylie's demise is going to send the story in an interesting direction. 

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From the moment she waltzed into Matt's office chanting that she knew what was going on and would be the one to reveal it to the masses, the target on her ballooned. 

Matt swiping her key pretty much confirmed that he was the one to kill her and make it look like a suicide. How would the town of Blackburg react to the news that the government was in the know about poisoning the Farrells?

It would cause sheer outrage, destruction and a whole lot of murder. Despite what some residents of Blackburg think, the Farrells are human beings who just want to be left alone on the mountain. 

Cutting off the water supply and poisoning all the crops is inhumane, and I'm thankful that's what Haylie was standing for when she died. If only she had opened up to Wade about all of it. 

He may not have able to do much, but I would have liked her chances of survival more if she revealed the truth. For now, that truth is hidden in condiment jars in the hotel room. 

Hopefully, Wade will be able to figure it all out and help get justice for her death. It's particularly interesting that Haylie was introduced as an ice cold character who did not give a damn about anyone. 

Over the course of the series, the layers have been pulled back to show a woman who was trying to do the right thing. Being the face of the company, she was put on blast on several occasions for things she had no idea about. 

It was horrid, and I won't settle until we have justice for her. That justice should come in the form of Matt having a painful death at the hands of the Farrells. 

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Last week, WGN America revealed a trailer for the final episodes of Outsiders Season 2. It teased the Farrells making their way down the mountain for help. I was floored when that all went down already. 

I can understand the decision to go down into the city. Everyone from Blackburg has heard all of the terrible and factually incorrect things about the Farrells. It's sad they needed to resort to stealing water, but it's not like they wanted to kill anyone. 

Their mission was simple, and despite some hiccups along the way, they accomplished the goal. They now have water that will likely last them quite some time. However, what are they supposed to do the next time there's a drought?

Security is going to be upped to the point that the Farrells will likely not be able to set foot in the city again, and that's going to cause some problems. I do agree that they reacted the only way they could to get the water, but it's going to be tougher in the future. 

Let's talk about Wade not shooting Big Foster. Wade knows that the ruthless former leader of the Farrells was the one to pull the trigger on Breece, but Wade could not return the favor. 

Outsiders 2x11

Something tells me Wade should be taking a back seat from his duties as the sheriff. He's supposed to be there to keep the town safe and I don't see him pulling the trigger in a life or death situation. 

A lapse in judgment, while all of the Farrells were in town, could have caused a lot of death. That would probably have been music to Matt's ears because he wants to be rid of Wade for questioning his authority every step of the way. 

This show continues to raise the bar hour after hour, and I can't wait to see where we go next with this. We have just two episodes left this season, but it seems like we're going to be in for a treat watching it all play out. 

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Outsiders continues April 18 on WGN America. 

The Run Review

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