Alone Season 5 Premiere Teaser: Mongolia "Harshest and Most Remote" Yet!

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Alone Season 5 takes place in the remote parts of Mongolia, If you thought previous Alone seasons were harsh, it looks like you're in for a big surprise.

Ten previous contestants return this season for the fight of their lives and the title of champion.

They already know from their experience that being on Alone isn't a walk in the park. It psychologically and physically tough and will push you to your limits.

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In sub-zero weather, surrounded by dangerous animals, Mongolia seems to be the biggest challenge yet!

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TV Fanatic asked Shawn Witt – Leftfield Pictures Co-President and Alone Executive Producer to tell us about the authenticity of History's Alone, and this is what he had to say:

"As producers, every decision we make on this show is dictated by two things – safety and authenticity. While we, of course, take every precaution to ensure participants’ safety, once filming commences, they are truly on their own, documenting their experiences around the clock as they put their survival skills to the test.

"This season, we’re really challenging them in a way we never have before in Northern Mongolia, one of the show’s harshest and most remote environments yet."

Watch this exclusive season sneak peek, courtesy of HISTORY/Leftfield Pictures. See you at the premiere!

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Alone Season 5 Episode 1: "Alone Season 5 Episode 1"
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When you try to push your agenda on mother nature, you're gonna lose. And I lost.


I'm so thankful for this fish. First one!