Danielle Campbell on The Originals Season 3: With Great Power Comes...

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What will Davina's mission be on The Originals Season 3? What will she do with her newfound power and responsibility as Regent?

We caught up with Danielle Campbell at Comic-Con in San Diego and talked to her about the evolution of her character, hearing how both the actress and the fictional witch have both grown up before our eyes.

She isn't a little girl in an attic any longer, that's for sure. She's in charge of a powerful sect of supernatural individuals.

Check out the featured, exclusive interview above and then click through our full rundown of Q&As with The Originals cast.

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[to Kol and Finn] I'd prefer you both to join me against our mother, but I'll happily settle for one or the other. Either way, if you continue to defy me, your lives will be reduced to an unending sequence of agonizing torture. So, which is it to be?


There is beauty in the courage of the fragile fighter. Those that persevere, despite all they’ve been through, those who still believe there is good in the world, as dark things we often find we need that light the most.


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