Game of Thrones Season 8 Trailer Teases Chilling Final Battle

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The Game of Thrones Season 8 trailer is finally here. 

HBO today unveiled the full clip, and it features a lot of moments that fans have been waiting to see. 

The biggest part of it, of course, is the glimpse of the battle that reportedly spans an entire episode. 

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Yes, we're talking about the great war between the forces of good and evil, you guys!

There's a lot of dragon action thrown in for some good measure.

"I know death," a panicked Arya says at the top of the trailer.

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"He's got many faces. I look forward to seeing this one."

As one of the few Starks still alive many will want her to survive, but given the bloody sequence that follows, there's a good chance she could be dying. 

arya stark


Then there's Cersei Lannister who probably thinks she's won the lottery. 

Somehow, everything seems to go her way, and her wicked smile in the trailer should be gone by the conclusion of the series. 

But with Jamie promising to fight for the living, should we be so sure?

Jon and Daenerys make their triumphant arrival at Winterfell, and Sansa is surprised at the scale of the dragons. 

They've really grown over the years!

There's even some romance, but we won't be spoiling that for you. 

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Little has actually been revealed about Game of Thrones Season 8. 

It's been delayed multiple times, and many are done waiting for the new episodes. 

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With just six remaining, many have been wondering how the series will be able to wrap everything up in a bow at the end. 

Our best guess is that there will be lots of death, but that's the norm with Game of Thrones. 

The easy way to get out of having too many characters is to kill them off, right?

HBO has already released some teasers, photos, and posters for the final season, but this is by far our biggest look yet. 

You really need to watch the full video to experience just how awesome all of it is. 

Have a look below and hit the comments below. 

What did YOU think of it?

For those of you still not in the know about this tremendous series, you can watch Game of Thrones online to be all caught up by April. You're welcome!

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How am I supposed to sit here planning a war, when you're over there looking like that?

Robb Stark

Thoros: You still mad at us, boy?
Gendry: You sold me to a witch.
Thoros: A priestess. I'll admit, it is a subtle distinction.
Beric: We're fighting a great war. Wars cost money.
Gendry: I wanted to be one of you. I wanted to join the brotherhood, but you sold me off... like a slave. Do you know what she did to me? She strapped me down in the bed. She stripped me naked.
The Hound: Sounds alright so far.
Gendry: And put leeches on me.
The Hound: Was she naked, too?
Thoros: She needed your blood.
Gendry: Yes, thank you. I know that.
The Hound: Could have been worse.
Gendry: She wanted to kill me. They would have killed me if it wasn't for Davos.
The Hound: But they didn't, did they? So what are you whinging about?
Gendry: I'm not whinging.
The Hound: Your lips are moving and you're complaining about something. That's whinging. This one's been killed six times. You don't hear him whinging about it.