Leah Pipes is Very Mad at TV Fanatic

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So here's the good news: Leah Pipes is a very big fan of TV Fanatic. She reads the site regularly.

Here's the bad awkward news: As a result, The Originals star read our Season 2 Report Card... saw something unfavorable about it ... and immediately brought up the diss when we talked with her at Comic-Con in San Diego.


Give Pipes credit for honesty and give us a mulligan please: We adore Cami! We just feel as if this human is underutilized on a series that centers around the supernatural.

Check out the interview above to see Leah hilariously call us out, learn what's in store for Cami on The Originals Season 3 and circle August 12 on your calendar:

That is Leah Pipes' birthday and we may have something special in mind for one of our biggest fans.

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