Psych Clip: Entering the Dark Side

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Gus and Shawn have to walk the walk of true night stalkers in this clip. It's a scene from the episode "This Episode Sucks.
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I actually haven't tselenid in a while as I haven't been playing much but occasionally try to catch up with the iTunes feed backlog. This is sad news.In terms of a replacement, while I've never tselenid to Scott's other show with Turpster (perhaps unfairly) because of the following reason, when he was on WoW Radio I used to just find him annoying. I guess, being from the UK, the fact that he has a british accent was less of a novelty for me so all I really got was a man trying desperately to be thought of as funny, in that my friends all say I'm crazy!! sort of way, desperate being the operative word. As I say, I haven't heard him lately but if nothing's changed that would definitely kill this show for me. No offense to the guy I'm sure he has fans. Just not to my own tastes.

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Psych Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Wow, you guys are actually devolving...get back over here, now!


J-Wow does wear those nails when they go out clubbing....