Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 Trailer: Is Sheila a Monster?

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Sheila is still very much a zombie. 

That much is made abundantly clear early into the official trailer for Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 which finds Sheila in the basement under lock and key. 

The reason?

Because she's hungry and wants to go outside and find her some flesh. 

Happy Times in Santa Clarita - Santa Clarita Diet

“Think about all the people I haven’t killed! Literally everyone in the world, except three people!” she hilariously points out to her daughter, Abby, who is not ready to let her mother out of the basement. 

All of this results in a kitchen covered in blood, so Joe, being the great husband he is, helps construct a kill room for his wife to keep her violent tendencies from destroying the decor. 

They are still realtors, so they still have a thing for the way their home looks. 

Tools of the Trade - Santa Clarita Diet

The issue is, the kill room looks a little too much like a kill room, and the pair have a long debate about it. 

Are they relationship goals, or is there something very unorthodox about the way they are talking about killing people?

All told, Santa Clarita will return for Season 2 March 23 on Netflix. 

Watch the full trailer below and join us in the comments with your thoughts on it!

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