The Flash Promo: Can Barry Defeat Savitar?

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Barry Allen's no stranger to loss.

He's watched villains murder both of his parents, and now, the woman he loves.

But will he have the strength to stop Savitar for good on The Flash Season 3 Episode 23 "The Finish Line?"

A Quiet Moment - The Flash Season 3 Episode 22

Things do not look promising in the video below.

Barry, Joe, and the rest of Team Flash are reeling from the shock of Savitar killing Iris. Everything they did to try and stop the future failed.

Where do they go from here? Is it possible for Barry to destroy his villainous self?

It's Savitar-Barry! - The Flash Season 3 Episode 22

Press play on the video and then share your thoughts with us, Flash Fanatics!

What do you think will happen on "The Finish Line?" Can Barry stop Savitar-Barry? Can they bring Iris back? Will Cisco and Caitlin both survive their battle?

If you need to catch up, you can watch The Flash online anytime!

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The Flash
The Flash Season 3 Episode 23: "Finish Line"
Barry Allen/Flash, Iris West
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The Flash Season 3 Episode 23 Quotes

Iris [reads future newspaper]: Iris West-Allen.
Barry: It changed back.
Joe: Does that mean what I think it means?
Barry: Yeah, Joe. The future's ours again.

Tracy: Why are you doing this?
H.R.: I couldn't be a coward. I'm not a coward.