True Detective Season 2 Episode 2 Trailer: Who Am I Supposed to Be?

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From this peek into True Detective Season 2 Episode 2, we discover Ani Bezzerides will be leading the investigation into Ben Casper's death. 

Ani's second in command will be Ray Velcoro, who they believe is bent, leveraged and turned, but by whom, they don't know. That will, no doubt, making working conditions a little strained, especially since Ray's asking his people if he's supposed to solve it. Will Season 2 come down to how close Ani and Ray become and whether they work together to solve something for their own reasons, everything else be damned?

And what about Paul Woodrugh? This investigation might be a chance for him to find out who he really is, because he appears to have lost himself in the desert years earlier.

Finally, we get a look at Frank Semyon, who lost everything when Ben Casper went missing, but is hell bent on getting it all back. Is he going to ditch his new-found legitimacy in order to do?

Yep, these are people in search of themselves. We can only guess at the theme of the season, but redemption and identity have a leg up right now.

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True Detective Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

His eyes? What the fuck kind of modus operandi is that?


Burris: That clear to you, detective?
Ray: Ten four, lieutenant. Just one question. Am I supposed to solve this or not?