Will & Grace Revival Trailer: Still Funny, Still Full of Heart

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Will & Grace returns to NBC this fall after many years off the air, and we could not help but wonder whether the series would remain funny. 

Thankfully, Debra Messing thinks just that in the latest trailer, before showing viewers that the cosmic wit and fantastic comedy delivery is still very much there. 


The cool thing about the trailer is that it takes viewers on a fictional path to show how the series wound up back on the air. 

Picking up with Debra Messing and Eric McCormack leaving NBC Headquarters as they debate whether the meeting went alright. 

They then find themselves on the set of their old apartment, and it pretty much turns into an extravagant musical number. 

It also proved the cast still has the chemistry to carry the series. 

Clearly, this footage will not be used when the series officially premieres, but still, it was a fantastic way to let fans know it was on its way back. 

NBC previously announced the series would return to Thursday nights to form "Must See TV."

Yes, that's the same tagline that was used all those years ago to promote NBC's strand of hit shows. 

The network is betting big on the night being a success, even moving This Is Us from Tuesday nights to the night. 

What could go wrong?

If the series is a hit, NBC said they would be happy to keep it on the air. 

Have a look below at the full trailer and join us in the comments with your take on it. 

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