Zoo Sneak Peek: The Charming Smell of Death

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When Jamie takes Mitch for a lovely walk in the woods, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, we're talking about Jamie and Mitch here, so even if they weren't strolling through the woods armed with powerful weapons, we'd still be leery!


On Zoo Season 3 Episode 7, the team sets out on a rescue mission for Abe and Dariela's son, Isaac.

Then, in search of information on a new hybrid, Mitch and Jamie travel to California where they cross paths with a familiar face from their past.

Something tells me this incredibly beautiful wolf looking dog isn't the familiar face of which they're speaking.


Especially because when you watch the clip below, the wolf does something quite unique. 

Or...does it? 

While Mitch and Jamie guess one thing, my guess was completely different. I'm going to hold it for my review, but I'll be interested to hear what you guys think.

Now. THIS guy must be the familiar face. He was mentioned earlier during Zoo Season 3, and now he's making an appearance.


Say hello to Robin Thomas guest starring as Max Morgan! Oh, yeah. We're meeting Mitch's father.

His introduction isn't the most conventional, and if he's anything like his son, we're in for some verbal sparring like we haven't seen in ages!

At the very least, the next time we see Mitch after the scene we're featuring below, Mitch will have some words for his father.

Take a look below and prepare for "Wham, Bam, Thank You Sam," airing tonight at 10, only on CBS!! 

You can watch Zoo online while you prepare to meet me afterward to discuss it all!!

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Zoo Season 3 Episode 7: "Wham, Bam, Thank You Sam"
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Zoo Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Jackson: I know that you lost ten years of your life to one of these things, Mitch, and you probably hate it, but if we can get under the hood, there's no telling what we can learn about Abigail.
Mitch: I'm more concerned about how you're going to get it back to the plane. Let's get Logan to do it!

Jackson: Clem, you're carrying a baby that could save the world. There is really nothing more important than you right now. Look I get it. Ten years ago, I was in your shoes.
Clem: Pregnant?
Jackson: Carrying the cure in my blood.