Grey's Anatomy Wins Award for Alzheimer's Awareness

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The Oscars are considered the most prestigious awards in Hollywood - but others can be more meaningful, presented for causes that go beyond mere entertainment. Last week, for instance, The Abe Burrows Entertainment Award was presented to Grey's Anatomy at the Alzheimer's Association 14th annual fundrasier.

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It was presented by actor, William H. Macy.

"My papa, William H. Macy Sr., has Alzheimer's. And one of the boldest and bravest characters on Grey's Anatomy is a surgeon battling this disease."

He was referring, of course, to the struggle of Meredith Grey in dealing with her mother's disease and secret.

"This award is particularly meaningful because it speaks to something that we're trying to do that is truly good and positive," said show creator Shonda Rhimes as she stood on stage with members of the cast, "That is, to give viewers a look at a debilitating and fatal disease that is impacting an increasing number of people."

The 1,000 people attending the benefit contributed $1.1 million to the Alzheimer's Association to fund research, support groups and educational programs.

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Cheers to Shonda Rhimes for touching on a disease that affects more than 4 million americans not including the caregivers that suffer illness due to caring for their loved ones year after year. I left Los Angeles almost 2 years ago to help care for my grandmother who suffers from this horrible disease. Not only is her health getting worse, but my mother and I are being affected by it too. Depression sets in and you just don't know where to turn. The episode when it is first revealed that Mer's mom has Alzheimers made me and my mom look at each other and just cry. We have been there and will probably be there for a long time yet. I urge everybody to donate their time to help relieve a caregiver from their duties, even if it is just for a few hours a week. We need the help!! Thanks to Shonda & The Cast & The Crew of Grey's for making us laugh and cry and most of all for giving us one hour a week to escape our problems. Hugs & Kisses,


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