Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest, IV

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As in "four," not intravenous. You should know the drill by now. A reviewing of all the submissions for last week's Caption Contest (which you can see by following the link), has led to a unanimous verdict. Nicole K., you've won. Nice job. It was a tough matchup against some good puns (nice try, Paulie), but our editorial board has spoken.

Now, for this week's Caption Contest image...

Caption Contest IV

Show us what you've got. Give us your best caption, be it serious or utter nonsense. Whatever strikes your fancy, leave it as a comment. Prepare for a fight, fans. Pride and bragging rights are on the line. While there can be only one winner each week, although everyone can drown their sorrows in our official drinking game.

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Mededith, it's not a pretzel, it's a treat for the dog.


My McLife McVet, who is my McBoyfriend is taking care of our, Me and McDreamy's, McDreamy and I's, McDog. I have the Perfect McLife.


Finn: "Really? You knit this?"


Doc: If I could talk I would tell you all about McDreamy & Addison - & their "BORING" sex!!


Doc: I thought I was the only one that begged on all fours?!

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You almost died like men.


I miss my dad.