Morgan to Star in Indie Office Comedy

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An Actor in Demand
Not long ago, he struggled for work. Nowadays, it seems as if Jeffrey Dean Morgan can't get enough.

We've already talked about the actor's addition to the cast of the new and as-yet-untitled Shonda Rhimes pilot involving female journalists. Now the actor has another new project in the pipeline -- a role opposite Lisa Kudrow (of Friends fame) and Teri Garr (Tootsie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind) in the independent film Kabluey, directed by Scott Prendergast.

"It's a small part." Morgan said of the off-beat comedy, which reports say will be set in an office environment. "But can you imagine, Lisa Kudrow? And Teri Garr? That's just amazing."

Morgan, 40, still has recurring roles on two TV series, Supernatural and Weeds. His beloved Grey's Anatomy character, Denny Duquette, may not have survived the second season of the hospital drama, but the actor's career has certainly survived, and then some. Great to see. We will continue to follow J.D.'s pursuits and keep you updated whenever we hear something.

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I am totally in love with the fabulous man and want to see more of him. I wish he did more events and interviews, etc. I am looking forward to seeing him in the mags and on ET, etc.


i am in love with him...i cant help myself! I am a loyal fan - f-o-r-e-v-e-r!!!


Great! I can't wait to see JDM in his future projects. He deserves it!


I just hope his new character on his new show is as lovable and wonderful as Denny Duquette.....


For Ashleigh: Yes, JDM plays John Winchester too!!! And he shines there too! :)


Yeay for him ;D and by the question "Is Denny the same guy who plays John Winchester in supernatural?" The answer is Yes ! Jeffery playes the father in Supernatural :)


There aren't enough of his pictures around. You should do more photoshoots, Jeffrey!


I can't wait to see you in more shows! You are gorgeous!


Is Denny the same guy who plays John Winchester in supernatural?

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