Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest XIX

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Another week, another Caption Contest complete. This week's was certainly quality in terms of responses received, and picking one winner was a tall order. Manuela's scathing indictment of Addy, Rebecca's conspiracy theory, Nicole K.'s witty punch line and Justin's long-winded, highly amusing dialogue were all worthy efforts and given consideration.

Ultimately, though, we're going with SR as this week's winner. Something about this short and sweet caption just stood out.

Check out the winning entry beneath the picture below. Scroll down to see the full list of responses. Thanks so much to everyone who submitted one or more replies, and be sure to take another shot this week! If we get enough submissions, we'll start giving out prizes (CDs, other merchandise) once the season starts. Thanks again and best of luck!

Caption Contest, #19

"Richard, I think one affair a season is enough for us."

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Addison...this is the 3rd season's lay-out....It doesn't look good for you and don't think by twisting off your index finger on your left hand that they'll feel sorry for you and keep you here.


Dr. Webber I am sorry, but your wife is going to have twins


Addison: So, Dr. Webber, so what the hell meeting did you go to that you found a white woman to be your sponsor??? Does Elllis know about this?


Dr. Sheperd questions Dr. Weber about his never-ending love for the "other woman", and realizes there really is no hope.


Webber- Oh, this scar? yeah, um it's from when i uh, tripped.....
Addison- Just because I'm in gyno doesnt mean you couldnt have let me in on your special super secret silent sunset surgery! And you even had McDreamy in on it- WITH HIS DIRTY MISTRESS!!!! Jeez, I'm surprised you didn't get the other dirty mistress, my dirty mistress, Mark in on it! blah blah blah
Webber- (squirming, making a mental note to call Mark)


Chief: Good work Addison! I am glad that I called you to keep Derek away from Meredith.
Addison: No problemo! I am the Queen! Derek is so easy! He even invited me to that prom thing last night. I can't wait though for Mark to get back in town so I can have some wild fun.
Chief: Maybe I will offer Mark a job at the hospital.
Addison: Perfect! I am getting so tired of trailer living.
Chief: Ok, well I got to go, someone left a pair of black panties in an exam room and I am running a DNA analysis to kick their irresponsible butts out of the hospital.


Richard: "I think you are not needed in this hospital anymore..."
Addison: "Richard... stop talking. Things between me and Derek..."
Richard: "It's not about you and Derek... it's just about you. So take all you things, and go back to New York. That's all."


Webber- Oh, this scar? Um yeah its from when Derek and I went biking, yeah he cut me off and -
Addison- Just because I'm in gyno doesnt mean you couldnt have let me in on your special super secret silent sunset surgery! And you even had Derek in on it- with Meredith!


Richard, I think one affair a season is enough for us.


(I came up with two, can you do that?) Dr. Webber: I can come and go as I please. That's why I'm the chief!

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