Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest XVII

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Every week's Caption Contest is good fun, but this one yielded some particularly amusing responses. Judging from the nearly 40 submissions we received, the screen capture below, taken from "17 Seconds," (part one of the three-episode Season 2 finale), brought out the best and worst in you.

Some were moved, others mocked. One mocked and then tried to take it back. You never know what the Caption Contest is going to bring! While Anna and Allison M. nearly won with short but funny responses, and Lauren B. tugged at the Insider's collective heartstrings, our staff ultimately voted for Justin as this week's champ.

Congrats, and thanks to all who participated. Everyone's a winner, really. Justin's reply is posted beneath the image, and you can scroll down to view the full list of submissions below. Be sure to play again this week!

Without further ado, here's the image:

17 Seconds... and Caption Contests!

Izzie: Seriously, you must be the most amazing and charming man I have ever met. What do you see in me, by the way?
Denny: I can’t put my finger on it but... hey, it’s time for a re-run of my favorite show ever, "Roswell."

Thanks, as always, for submitting your replies, making this fun feature happen and helping us become the top Grey's Anatomy fan site on the 'net.

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Izzie: "I see myself in your eyes."
Dennie "That's becasue my eyes are glazed from all this medication"


Izzie: "Lets have a staring contest."
Dennie: "Okay, but what do I get if I win?"
Izzie A big Kiss!"
Dennie: "And if you win?"
Izzie: "We play another round of Scrabble."
Dennie: "OKay." (He blows in her eye)
Izzie: "Hey!"
Dennie "I WIN!"


Izzie: Please? Say it again. Denny: Seriously. Izzie: Seriously! Now you have the bug too!


Izzie: Of course I know the difference between "You're and Your". You're not going to die and I am going to have all of your children!
Denny: I thought you were a doctor and not an English teacher!


Yes! Yes! Oh Yes I'll give your eulogy!
Oh this will be so cool - I look bitchin' in black!


Dennie: "Uh Izzie?" Izzie (day dreaming about kids) "Hmm?" Dennie "Your kind of sitting on my bladder, I gotta pee!"


I'm going to retype my last one in my next post. Sorry again more mess ups


I take that back. I feel bad about posting that. You seriously can't make fun of them.


Denny (Choking): I...uhck..Can't...BREATHE!
Izzie: Oh, crap, sorry.


Oh geez, sorry about all the mess ups, my computer is acting up......

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