The Grey's Anatomy Spoilers We Know Of

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Shonda Rhimes Creates, Produces
If Shonda Rhimes (right) had her way, there would be no Grey's Anatomy spoilers. The show's creator and executive producer is notoriously secretive about future plot lines, determined to build suspense and preserve the show's integrity. But we've picked up a few things since the Season 2 finale last May, and with Season 3 around the corner, here's a brief spoiler list... along with our take.


-- Sources say the premiere of Season Three will be called "Time Has Come Today," taking its name from a song by The Chambers Brothers. Shonda won't divulge how much time has passed in the Grey's Anatomy world between the Season Two finale and the September resumption, but she does state in her blog that Grey's "is odd in that an episode may air that is actually in real time only moments after the last episode ended." So who knows whether we will pick up where we left off, or sometime a little later.

-- Despite leaving the internship program following the tragic death of Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Dr. Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) remains a principal cast member in Season Three. Whether she reclaims her job after the impropriety that took place in the finale is another story. As for Morgan, he'll be coming back from the dead... in a new series created by Rhimes.

The Grey's Anatomy Spoilers We Know Of
-- Sara Ramirez (left) who appeared near the end of Season 2 as sassy Dr. Callie Torres, has been promoted and is now a full-time cast member. The Mexican-American actress, who plays the love interest of Dr. George O'Malley (T.R. Knight) becomes the latest component of what many believe is TV's most diverse and talented cast.

-- As we've talked about several times, a legendary guest star will "Grace" our favorite Seattle Hospital this fall. Diahann Carroll, 72, the first African-American woman to ever star in a TV series, will join the cast, creator Rhimes confirms. As for what her role will be, theories range from an administrative counterpart to Dr. Webber (James Pickens, Jr.) to the mother of Dr. Burke (Isaiah Washington).

-- Another fan favorite guest star (one who isn't dead) will make his return. Folks clamoring for more "McSteamy" will apparently get their wish as Eric Dane, who guest starred as Dr. Mark Sloan in Season 2, will be recoming back to SGH. The charming, self-destructive doc, whose affair with Addison left the Shepherds' marriage in shambles, should provide us with greater insight into Derek's back story, and may influence the show's famous love triangle (or, what some are calling a quadrangle by this point).

-- Chris O'Donnell (Finn Dandridge) will return to the set of Grey's Anatomy in Season Three, although it is not clear for how many episodes. Last season, the star originally signed on for eight episodes, but various reports state he may have upped that total. It's also unclear if that count includes his first appearance, in which he got a whole 10 seconds of screen time.

That's all for now, but we'll pass along more if we come across any. Let us know via our forums if there's anything you've heard, and be sure to keep in touch on all the latest Grey's Anatomy news via our blog. Thanks!

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I just hope that in the 3rd season, Mer & Der will have no more problems in their relationship! Their is one of the best love story I've never seen! Of course, I also hope Addison will leave the SGH and Seattle too!




I am glad that Izzie is returning since she is one of my favourite characters. My guess is that she will come back on Addison's service as a OB/Gyn although some episodes hinted that Addison does Neonatal surgery which is completely different so I think the writers are a bit confused since those are two completely different specialties. In any case, Izzie being back is great.


Question: Do you have scoop on what Izzie will do in the third season of Grey's? My guess is she'll be an OB-GYN resident, as it might seem strange for her to go back to surgery. Am I right? â€" Cara Ausiello: My guess is she'll go to work for McVet, but that's just a guess. BTW, Izzie may be getting in even more hot water over Denny â€" if that's even possible. The buzz is that she'll get a tongue-lashing in the season premiere for hanging out with Denny's body in the morgue. Apparently, surgeons (even disgraced ones) aren't allowed down there.


About when it will start off: I read in an interview with Shonda that it'll begin a couple of hours after the finale left off.


So would I. I also want to learn more about Christina's back life and Derek's


the season sounds incredibly awesome. can't wait! i hope they go a little more into alex's life this season, i'd love to see his house, learn more about him, etc.

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