Win a Day at the Races with Dempsey

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The Racing Man
Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey has another life away from the set of the hit ABC medical drama. He is part of the Hyper Sport racing team, at the wheel of the No. 54 New York & Company Mustang, and loving it.

"My wife got tired of me sitting on the couch on Sundays watching the Speed Channel and said, 'Get up and go do a Skip Barber racing program for three days,' That started the bug," he said.

Then, when Patrick was asked to do an ad campaign for New York & Company, alongside co-star Ellen Pompeo, things took off from there. The women's chic clothing company decided its logo would look great on Patrick's Ford Mustang, and a sponsorship was born.

"I really enjoy working with Ellen. She has a good energy, photographs well and we have great chemistry. I am glad I [decided to do the ad]," Patrick told ET. "It shows what a wonderful company New York & Company is to think outside the box to put their label and their belief into this race team."

Fans of Patrick can win a day (actually three days) at the races with the dreamy TV doctor by entering the New York & Company sweepstakes. The grand prize winner will be flown to Alton, Va., for the 2006 Grand Am Championship finale. The deadline to enter is September 4.

One of the benefits of his racing is the contrast with his work as an actor, and how it keeps his character, Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd, fresh.

"It is a really great release for me. I come back appreciating my day job so much more. I find that I work harder and I am clear mentally going into it."

As for secrets from the third season of Grey's Anatomy, Dr. McDreamy isn't talking. His boss, after all, is Shonda Rhimes.

"A lot of questions that were unanswered last year are getting answered," he said cryptically.

He did share that the acclaimed Diahann Carroll will be guest starring.

"She looks amazing. She comes in with such an aura. I say this in a great way. She is a true diva. She brought [such] an elegance and a level of intensity that people were really excited she was there," Dempsey said.

Ellen & Patrick For New York & Company

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Whoa....check out this page...hmmm, and I thought this was only for the kids


i don't think that either of those pictures look like him. the first one looks....i don't know...and the second, both him and ellen look like robots....


i love grey's anatomy i plan my whole week around that show and i have a question will merideth and derek ever get married


i think that patrick dempsey is the most hotest and sexiest person you can ever meet and on top of all of that i would love to meet him and i wish he was not marriied cuase i would love to date him and i think that ellen pompeo would look good with him in real life


i absolutely love Grey's Anatomy but i have a question will the subject of Izzy's baby come up again......?


patrick is not only hot as begeezers, he is a great actor. awesome article, insider!


Is the guy in the first picture really Patrick?? He looks so... uhmm... different!!! Otherwise... in general... he's sooooo hot!!!


Is it just me or does it look like Patrick has a gap in his teeth in the top picture? He looks vaguely like my cousin in that picture. And said cousin has a gap between the two front teeth.


Omigod YES! i will kill and do anything for winning a spot with McDreamy!! My god he's so hot!!


"Yep", thats r all time *favorite couple*. They steal living it up. I got's to win that sweepstake. I will kill 4 it. Thats just beening 4 real. I know *all girls* r with me on that one. They steal ain't talking about who will meredith choose. "Gosh", that's mess up!!!
"One more month to go"!!! YES


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