Get Ready For More McSteamy

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Eric Dane
"Well. This is awkward!"

ABC cleverly left Eric Dane off the opening credits for Thursday night's episode, "I Am a Tree," but the guest star definitely left a huge impression once again -- despite speaking only the one line above.

Reprising his role as plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Sloan, Dane made a surprise appearance at the end of the episode, when he was caught wearing nothing but a towel and a smile in the hotel room of Addison Shepherd (Kate Walsh) -- immediately after soon-to-be ex-husband Derek (Patrick Dempsey) came clean about his own affair.

So how does Dane, whose character became known as "McSteamy" last season -- a play on Dempsey's "McDreamy" -- stay in shape for those towel scenes?

"I go to the gym four times a week. When I am 60, I want to feel like I am 40. I lift weights and I have a really good trainer," he tells EW. "I eat whatever I get my hands on. You could bottle my metabolism and we would all be billionaires. I miss a meal, I lose five pounds."

Eric Dane, a.k.a. Dr. Mark
Dane, 34, was most recently seen in this summer's blockbuster X-Men: The Last Stand.

His extensive TV work includes a recurring role on Charmed, Vegas, the made-for-TV movie Helter Skelter, and as the lead on Gideon's Crossing.

In her blog, the episode's writer, Krista Vernoff, said eloquently, "I love me my McSteamy." She's not the only one -- as evidenced by our Round Table discussion and our latest poll.

We're looking forward to seeing how long Dr. Sloan sticks around Seattle Grace, and what his future with Addison holds.

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Ohhh man.. This last episode where Addison is sitting on his lap saying she is trying very very hard to not think about him... All I can say is I would LOVE to have the chance to not think about him.. That man is MORE than hot!!


i really do believe that mark is in love with addison....and he is SUPER HOT!! as long as he keeps addison away from derek i think he is GREAT


Just read that Eric Dane is going to stay around...Yippie!!! for Dr McSteamy


ohhh is it mcsteamy in here
or is it me cause when i saw him come out of the shower i paused it and starred


I hope Dr. Sloan stays around a long time. I love his sense of humor and he really does seem to be in love with Addison. Mark and Addision have fire. Derek and Meredith smoke. I really like all four. (Burke and Cristina are still my favorite couple, however and I have hopes for Aex and Izzie.) Plus, with Preston, Derek, Alex, and George and now Mark there is a smorgesbord of handsomeness for the ladies to enjoy. Those fine blue scrubs could become a fashion trend. This show just keeps getting better and better both visually and in story line.


oh gosh! i sure hope Dr. "McSteamy" Sloan stays on the show! it's gonna get realll interesting if he does .. i mean come on .. how could he NOT make something interesting! haha well .. we hope to see more of you mark!!


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