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adele: stop looking at me like that!

derek: like what?

adele: like you've seen me naked!

derek: hey, prom is the night you are SUPPOSED to sleep around!


Adele: I already told you no! You've already got too many woman!


Adele: There is a rumor that you are good in bed. Why don't we go into that supply closet and see if it is true.

McDreamy: What about you husband?

Adele: He cheated on me. Eye for an eye!


Adele: Maybe you should forgive your wife my husband cheated on me but he makes good money so hell with it.

McDREAMY: True but meridith is a doctor too and she's younger so she can support me when i retire.

Adele:Good point drop that redheaded witch!


Derek: Mmm! Give me some of that brown suga.

Adele: Get those married, unfaithful eyes off me!


You blinked! You lose, Doctor!


ADELE: "How do you get your hair to look like that every day?"
McDREAMY: "It's a gift."

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