Dempsey & Washington's On-Set Dustup

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Feuding Co-Stars Work it Out
At least there would have been no shortage of medical supplies on the premises if something had really gone awry.

It's all water under the bridge now, but an on-set argument between Grey's Anatomy co-stars Patrick Dempsey, 40, and Isaiah Washington, 43, grew quite heated on Monday.

Dempsey and Washington didn't need medical aid, but the actors, who both play renowned surgeons on the show, nearly came to blows during an spat over shooting issues.

"We were like two baseball players... nose-to-nose," Washington explained to People. "We had a difference of opinion while working on set but we've resolved it."

At issue, Washington said, was "time and (keeping) the production going. The communication was lost in translation."

But no punches were thrown.

"Our faces are too beautiful for that!" laughs Washington, who plays the intense but sexy Dr. Preston Burke.

In fact, just a few hours after the dustup, Washington and Dempsey were sitting side by side at a script read-through.

"In close families arguments happen. They worked it out," Dempsey's rep told the magazine.

Washington even learned a little something about his co-star, the man know to Grey's Anatomy fans simply as McDreamy.

"I've never been that close to (Patrick) before. He has really pretty blue eyes," he said.

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ROFL! Isiah Washington's last comment was pretty funny!


I agree mj. The important thing is it's over and they have moved on. I wish the less than reputable fan magazines would leave it alone. Working that closely with anyone over an extended period of time and for long, hard days are bound to bring about short fuses from time to time. I'm glad this website posted the facts.


That is so true. I've heard so many different stories. The only important thing is that it was resolved quickly.


Things like this are going to happen. They work long hours and it's easy for communication to break down. The only thing important here is they forgive and forget which they apparently have. But if you like those smut paper you'll get to read plenty of stories on how it was worse than what it was.


I'm glad that Patrick and Isaiah solved it all and that they became friends again shortly after.
They do spend lots of time together working, so it's impossible to avoid arguments every now and then. But I am glad they worked things out between them. In fact, even though I do not know them personally, this is what I was thinking when reading the four first lines of the article: "They probably sat side by side having a laugh and reading." And that's what they did. No, I'm not phsycic. But I just had a feeling that's what they were doing. GA rocks!


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