Grey's Anatomy Cast in Seattle This Week

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Grey's Anatomy Cast in Seattle This Week
While most TV shows are content to stick close to L.A., Grey's Anatomy tries to actually make its version of Seattle look real by visiting the Emerald City from time to time, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports.

Credit must be given to Bellevue, Wash., native Peter Horton (left) the show's lead director and an executive producer, for these visits. Of course, it also helps that Grey's Anatomy is now on Thursdays and probably ABC's most important series.

According to the P-I, cast members have been sighted downtown this week. The phone lines at the paper lit up with fans happily reporting seeing the show's handsome leading men, Drs. Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) and Burke (Isaiah Washington).

The Insider is happy to have gotten a first-hand account of the cast's visit from a devoted fan and Seattle resident, Kimberly Lind, who writes to us:

"Being the obsessive fan I am, when I heard that Grey's filming in my own precious Seattle this morning, I rushed downtown as quickly as possible.

They were just wrapping up their scene in front of the Westin Hotel. I got a few grainy pictures of Isaiah Washington, James Pickens, Jr., and Patrick Dempsey as they mingled with the crowd, signing autographs and posing for pictures.

The guys were all dressed like they were heading out for a camping or fishing trip. Dr. Burke's hand seemed to be operating fairly normally. And the scene I witnessed, as I said, was shot in front of a five-star hotel.

The cast and crew were also spotted in Pioneer Square, Seattle's historic district, where they filmed some scenes at a bakery."

Thanks, Kimberly -- and go, Seattle!

Seattle, Washington

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Perfect work!


Incredible site!




my daughter who lives in michigan loves greys anatomy and its cast...i hope to fly here out here with me, my husband and i had to relocate to washington in sept and i want to do something special for her when she comes,,,when will they be filming in town again? does anyone know? or do they offer tours at all?


What/Where is that beautiful curved bridge the campers used to cross the river into the woods? Dying to go there!


AHHH I'm IN seattle!!! If I knew about this I would have spent all afterschool downtown!! I hope they're still filming..


Man.... I missed them too. Well I'll be paying close attention now and hopefully they'll be back soon or maybe they haven't left yet. Weird though, I didn't hear anything on the news.


OMG! I live in Seattle, and yesterday as i was driving to school, I drove through Pioneer Square, and saw a bunch of camera equipment and TV filimg stuff. I didn't know Grey's was filimng in Seattle until later that day, so now I am kicking myself because I was like thisclose to them! Go Seattle!


ohh i wish i lived in seatlle. it's such a beautiful city. i hope to visit there someday .. lucky people =]


More than a few locals have snapped pics of the cast --> http://iheartseattle.typepad.c...


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