Memo to Tabloids: Let. It. Go.

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People. Can we please move on?

Proving that some publications are determined to bring others down and exacerbate tension at all costs, the cover of the newest Us Weekly (below) features our favorite cast members -- and centers around the infamous dispute that has been amicably resolved as of yesterday.

Number one, we will never know, word-for-word, what went on during the on-set disagreement earlier this month. Number two, Isaiah Washington took responsibility for his actions and received the full, public backing of creator Shonda Rhimes. Just drop it, already. It's over.

Last week saw T.R. Knight make a surprising, very personal announcement. Fans have been overwhelmingly supportive. Can't we all focus on this great program instead of letting needless Grey's Anatomy gossip and rumors drag on -- and drag everyone down?

Grey's Anatomy Rumors: Us Weekly Cover

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good luck


Hi purplemerder, I didn't read your comment until today but just wanted to say I think you are exactly right. Sad as it is, we are much nicer to people we don't know well then we are to family. Just as Shonda and others from Grey's have said, they are family. I guess that is because you can let your guard down with family knowing they will love you even when you are not at your best. Not true of the media.


I have been in the situation where I have said things i wish i could put back in my mouth...most of the time it is with family and that is what they are. The true fans will forgive and forget..


I guess you are right perplemerder, they are just doing their job at US. However, they have printed a few things lately that really don't say anything but stir up trouble. My real problem is that I would be so sad if we lost this character of Preston Burke as played by this actor Isaiah Washington and it makes me angry that anyone is still trying to stir the ashes and keep the fire going rather than just letting it die out and moving forward. Burke is as central to the show, for me, as Derek, Meredith, Bailey, George, Cristina, any of the primary characters and the show would not be the same without him. I really hope that someone who makes decisions somewhere knows that there are people out here who support him and don't want this to lead to anything more. He has to be reading so many hateful comments attacking both his character and his acting ability. What is being said about him is as devastating, to me, as some people believe his comment was to T.R.. I hope he knows that there are fans out here that believe in him as both a person and an actor and who are willing to forgive a stupid statement made in anger and move on.


I love it, too. Grey's Anatomy, that is. I guess you are right, perplemerder. They are just doing their job. I admit to having a thing for people who I perceived to be ganged up on by the media. Even if I did not love GA or Burke, I would be feeling bad for Isaiah Washington right now. I have been in his shoes, haven't you? Not in this kind of situation or using the word that he allegedly used, but in having in anger said something hurtful that I just wanted to pull back into my mouth and couldn't and was sorry for later. Although I realize that when you enjoy the kind of perks that go along with being a successful actor, you also are subject to scrutiny and are held to a different standard of conduct, I still feel bad for him and hope that he is getting lots of support from the people who love him until this negative media attention dies down. He made a mistake. He apologized. I don't know what else he is suppose to do. This reminds me of the horrible, hateful political debates going on right now. They are dredging up every incident in his long career as an actor to use against him. They are attacking his character and his talent. It makes me so sad, because I can't remember the last time that I have really cared about a character on a television show this much and it is because of the beautiful writing and wonderful acting, one no more important than the other. I don't want to lose Burke or have Isaiah driven off of the show. Even though I love the other characters, it would ruin it for me without Burke. So I hope he stays and I hope people who support him speak out so that he knows we are out here.


Why would you say that you are never buying the mag again...they are just doing their job and reporting the gossip and even though it is old and want to get past it you can't say that you didn't listen to or read about it when it was reported. How can you say that they have lost credibility it is all about selling magazines and that is what they are doing...While I may not agree with how they stated the incident on the cover, I am sure that was just to get you to by the mag and read it...It was a gay slur and it turned into an they are just reporting what happened...doesn't mean it has to change that we love the show...give US a break... I can say they are better than the thousands of other gossip magazines out there... I don't think this will affect any real GA lovers.....shit happens.....i still love it...


I don't think anyone came forward before this week because it was not a big deal until the media made it into a big deal. When all of the rumors got completely out of hand, something had to be said publically to put them to rest. Isaiah handled it beautifully as did Shonda. Glenn, you say "some of the slurs" as if there were many. I have read there was one very common word used that was inappropriate and that it was used in the context of who Isaiah is not and directed at Patrick Dempsey, who is also not. Are you trying to make it sound worse than it was for some reason? Do you think T.R. was hiding his gayness before his statement or simply not making a public statement about it? Do you think it was news to anyone on the GA set after three years? Do you think it will cause George to lose fans? Maybe Grey's Anatomy Insider choses not to make this a big issue anymore, because it is not one except in the minds of people who want to keep the whole thing going for their own personal gain. Why should we buy into that? The US headline is old news. Don't forget headlines are meant to sell magazines even if the story inside is an exact repeat of everything we already know with nothing new added. As of right now, I will never buy another copy of that magazine again. They may think they are losing viewers for Grey's Anatomy, but in fact they are losing credibility and therefore readership. Preston Burke is still my guy and so is Isaiah Washington.


Great article, it is time to move on, but you know what they say about misery loving company, it still hold true today. The media, what can I say about them other than their just evil little trolls, and the most miserable people of them all. It's sad, and the only thing you can do it feel sorry for them.


See this is now questioning Shonda's integrity. Shonda has a choice she is very good at what she does. I don't agree with what Isaiah did but it's time to get over it and move on. But I figure with some people it wouldn't matter if he got on his hands and knees and begged for everyones forgiveness. Not that is really anybodies bussiness to began with other than those involved. But some people don't have anything better to do obviously.


I don't see where it was anybodies bussiness than those actually involved. It's not going to matter to some people if Isaiah got on his hands and knees and begged for forgiveness it's obvious nothing will ever be good enough. I don't agree with what he did but there is a time to get over it and move on. And I think that time is long over due.


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