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Patrick Dempsey is One Cool Customer

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Some pictures just speak for themselves. Here's our man Patrick Dempsey in an advertisement for Serengeti eyewear, as seen in the Australian edition of Travel & Leisure magazine. Special thanks to the fan who sent this our way!

Patrick Dempsey For Serengeti

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All im going to say is that he is one of the best actors of our time. And that he will always be. (watch greys anatomy every thursday night 8/9c on abc. he is what we like to call McDreamy)


OMG Mc dreamy is the name and it will always be it


i love patrick dempsey!!!! i hope to meet him some day!!!! he is my all time favorite actor!!!! people already know this and that his eyes are the perfect shade of blue(mystical)!!!! also his hair is perfect with that little gray stripe on the curl in the front!!!! hope patrick dempsey reads this!!!!=)


he is so hot and mcdreamy and i love him. even though he is 42 he is still so hot i love him so much.


¡hi! love him i love you patrick...
you are the one for`s so hot...jajaja..just i love him..
ok i`m gone bye..i see you...bye...


¿hi? the one for me a love him..
it`s so hot...just i love him.....ok..i`m gone byee...i see you..ok..mua..kiss..


hi? how are you everybody mm i love him, is the one for me
you`re so god to me? jajaja ok, i`m gone ,,,`s hot......mmm bye...i love you patrick...bye..i see you..




This pic is so HOT he is on my screensaver so I can look and drool all day Love ya Patrick Your wife is one lucky woman oohh la la


i love patrick dempsey he is hot and i love that he plays in greysanatomy and him and ellen pompeo are so cute together dang patrick you are hot :) :)

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