Rhimes: Grey's Wedding in the Works

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Perhaps she was just eager to talk about anything but the controversy that has been surrounding her hit show in recent weeks, but Shonda Rhimes -- the notoriously secretive creator and executive producer of Grey's Anatomy -- threw fans a major piece of gossip in a recent interview.

Shonda Rhimes: Planning a Wedding!
"There's going to be a wedding in the near future," she told People magazine. "And it's going to be spectacular."

Rhimes' comments to the magazine regarding star Isaiah Washington and his alleged remarks toward co-star T.R. Knight were published Thursday. The print version of People contains a considerably longer article, however, which included this minor spoiler from Shonda.

The unabridged report also included additional interviews with the cast. Both James Pickens, Jr., who plays Dr. Webber, and memorable guest star Jeffrey Dean Morgan defended Washington's character and downplayed the fight that has dominated headlines of late.

Rhimes didn't say who would get married or how soon, of course, but the prospect of a Grey's Anatomy wedding already has us guessing.

We certainly have some ideas, as you surely do. Who do you think it is, and when do you think it will occur? We'll have to wait and see.

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Let it be Mer/Der they truly love each other. Cristina isn't into Burke all that much she is a stone cold surgeon.


I think it might be Izzie/Denny but it would be her like dreaming about what her wedding would be about, but it also could be Derek/McDreamys sister because it said 2 main charctars are involved. That dosen't mean they're getting married they could just simply be part of the wedding party. But I don't know ugh i hate how Shonda loves to play with our heads!


I think the wedding will be someone's dream, as always.


I though Shonda did say in People Magazine that the wedding would involve main characters.........


I don't think it's going to be one of the main characters getting married. I agree with whoever said this before, I think it's Dereks sister. AND this is a stretch but Mark was hugging Dereks sister in a preview. MAYBE Derek and Mark will be in this wedding, forcing them to be somewhat friendly. yea...long shot, I know. But I doubt it will be main characters actually getting married because I don't think she would have said anything then.


George and Callie? (ew)


Mark/Addi would be SO CUTE! I don't beleive it's that though- they're not even together yet! Definitly not MerDer- too soon. Not Cheif/his wife either- they're split for good, I think. Maybe Christina/Burke, but probly not- they're not very exciting this season. I think it's Der's sis- that would explain the visit. But then again, I would hope if it's so big, that it would be a main character.


I'd have to agree that it would be too soon for Burke and Cristina upon their actions. It would be just ridiculous for Meredith and McDreamy to be in that state of mind. Joe and his boyfriend sounded pretty convincing. But, a re-marriage for the Cheif and his wife sounded a little more convincing. A good come back for the show. A few of the episodes in the beg. of the new season had me dissappointed. That never kept me from watching it though.


I would love it to be Meredith and Derek but their relationship has been so up and down, they haven't even told each other they love each at the same time, of course they should be probably be together first, which they still aren't! A Cristina and Burke wedding would be hilarious just to see both of their moms planning a wedding together (does anyone remember Diahann Carroll battling it out with Patty LaBelle in A Different World with Dwayne and Whitley's wedding?). I'd go with the Joe/Boyfriend or the idea that a patient is getting married and asks all the surgeons to be in the wedding.


I think it'll be the cheif and Mer's mom...


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