T.R. Knight Confirms He is Gay

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Actor T.R. Knight, the terrific Grey's Anatomy star who has become a fan favorite as everyman George O'Malley, has announced he is gay.

T.R. Knight
The 33-year-old addressed rumors of his sexuality in a statement to People magazine Thursday, and while it's part of who he is, he hopes that isn't how people view him.

"I guess there have been a few questions about my sexuality, and I'd like to quiet any unnecessary rumors that may be out there," Knight said in his statement.

"While I prefer to keep my personal life private, I hope the fact that I'm gay isn't the most interesting part of me."

Before taking on the role of the bumbling, puppy-eyed surgical intern George on the ABC drama, T.R. (which stands for Theodore Raymond) made a name for himself as a stage actor. His TV credits include CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

We're happy for T.R. in that the decision to come out is often a difficult one, and he clearly felt it was time. If we see or hear anything more, we will have it for you as soon as possible.

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Seriously...! I love that you're strong and have the support of wonderful people like katherine Heigl. You're obviously very smart and I really related to your statement about your sexuality when you said... "I hope that's not the most interesting thing people find out about me.". I concur doctor, I'm wondering about the blue hair... just kidding it's cute! :). Stay up good sir... it's men like you who inspire me to be me ;)


ISAIAH WASHINGTON SHAME SHAME SHAME! You not only play an angry man on the sow but its quite obvious you're a angry man in general. YOU need to get some help!!! If someone referred to you in in a racial slur I have a feeling you would be all over the media talking about it. What you did at the Golden Globes to T.R. was dispicable. You owe T.R. an apology and if every gay person as well. Beyond that you need to look within and start trying to find some love and peace and accetpance of all people. I for one would not miss seeing you on Greys. Get some help!


i love gay guys, they rock, there kind hearted people! Ill still love u t.r.
His charactor is the best on the show and i love him!!!


this is in response to Burke Backer. Heres a link to an article about Isaiah Washington and his gay slurs. It says he apologized and he should have. I don't care how late someone may be for a shoot, that doesn't give anyone- no matter how long hes been an actor- the right to say things like that. I'm totally behind T.R. I think he should be comfortable in his skin and I hope that he knows we support him through everything, no matter what his sexual orientation.


I don't CARE. Seriously, I don't.
Coz I won't ever meet him anyway... And I love him... I love the way he act, and his eyes, and the way he looks.
I don'y care.
This is his choise.
And it don't make him worse actor or something...
I have one friend, who's a gay... You've never met kinder or cooler guy!
He's... The best friend I've ever had. No matter what is his sexuality. I keep lovin' ya, T.R.! xxx,
Neda ps: sorry for my bad English.. =(


Who cares what a person does in their own private life. If you're a good person it should not matter what your sexual orientation is. It's too bad the media won't keep things private that are no one's business but their own. I believe the media is responsible for things turning into a bigger deal than they have to be.


who will i marry now? :( x


Seriously! I am getting so tired of reading these kinds of posts. Where has anyone at all heard or read from any reliable source that Isaiah Washington has a problelm with T.R. Knight's sexuality?? He has been an actor for twenty some years. Do you really believe he has never come across or worked with a gay actor before??? If anyone has any source other than a fan posting that gives any indication at all that the problem between Patrick Dempsey and Isaiah Washington was in any way related to T.R. Knight's sexual orientation, provide the proof or stop with the rumors. Burke, as played brilliantly by Isaiah Washington, is a key part of the show. Cristina and Burke's relationship, for many of us, is the most interesting, complex, and fun to watch of any on the show. Don't trash our guy wiithout proof of any wrong doing. I have read in mulitple sources (People, US) that the argument had to do with T.R. Knight being late for a scheduled shooting. Isaiah being angry about it and Patrick defending him. Can someone please say where they are getting their facts that say Isaiah is opposed to T.R.'s life style? Stephan and Justin?? Justin, I have read your posts on more than one website making this accusation. Where are you getting this information??


Way To Go T.R.!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is great that he has the guts to stand up to the criticisms of the low minded members of our society and to be who he is!!! I hope that the writers keep writing him as a straight character though since he plays his part perfectly and it would be a real cop out if they changed anything about George. After all Will on Will and Grace was a straight guy playing gay and that worked too. The only bad thing about this was to find out what a KNOB Isaiah is. He should be written out of the show for sure!!!!! Christina can have her crack at McSteamy!


I love George. Hes so cute and adorable. so what if hes gay thats his business. It just means all those ladies who love him cant have him, but theres some lucky guys who can! He brings the fun out in the show his character is the best and im sure hes the same in real life.


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