T.R. Knight Strolls Around Santa Monica

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Grey's Anatomy's T.R. Knight, who last week confirmed exclusively to People that he's gay, is shown here in today's online edition of the magazine.

T.R. Knight and Luke MacFarlane

Here Knight is seen hanging with a fellow ABC star, Brothers and Sisters actor Luke MacFarlane, in Santa Monica yesterday. That new show replaced Grey's Anatomy in its original Sunday, 10 p.m. time slot. We're pleased to see that T.R. carrying on after what must have been a hard week for him -- and that he apparently loves Boston, one of our favorite cities!

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I am John, I recently tried to get in touch with Mr TR Knight, I felt very stupid as I haven't exactly been the TV idol person and I beard my soul in the e-mail, it failed no reply- don't blame him. But, I am sick, very sick maybe not too long, who knows. People say I remind them of him- TR ?
Maybe not so handsome, definitely not so handsome. I found out through a person, that my birthday was the same, though I am 2 yrs older. I have the same kind of passive aggressive style. I have been an academic all my life, I know how had it is to be somebody on the inside and not that out side. People, like medicine, require a certain type of personality to make it to the top of an academic world. But, I came out many years ago and it was difficult. people who were my friend's suddenly were not. I decided to stay alone. To this day I am, regret or no.
I was wondering if Mr TR Knight would like a sick, dying pen friend, who is never likely to bother him. Lives in the UK and I am sure PO Box's could be used, so I don't stalk by satellite on his real address. This is useless too, I know Yet, I like the guy who I see on the chat shows and read of- what he say's not what he's asked. I like the guy and I don't really know why- sex isn't it the drugs have seen to that. Say hi, to my could be soul mate if you have the chance- I may not have the time. Dr J


hello my name is John and I love T.R. knigth I'm from Argentina, and i need picturie of t.r if you can send me


why do people judge because of his sexuality people need to stop judging other people and look at themselves once in a while


effectually,shares forbear successively trihedral.vignettes fluorescent ...


he's hot
very sex
I want him.


I am from Brazil, and literally I am passionate for this series.
I want to communicate with you who made this blog.
Me send emails. kisses by: marina froes


@Melissa: of course it matters that he's gay.. I wish I grew up with as many gay celebreties as there are today. I never even considered the possibilities that my childhood heroes like Greg Louganis and George Michael were gay like me. ps: ditto on watching Grey's Anatomy and drooling over him ;-)


It doesn't matter if he is gay...i think he is the most beautiful man in Hollywood. I watch Grey's Anatomy just to drool over him. And I wish to date a T.R Knight twin!


Great for him! Just privacy and respect; is his life.
Greetings from Canary Islands.


It's nobodies business if they are together or if they're just friends, do these so called journalists have such pathetic lives that they have to try and make stuff up for other peoples lives?? I do wonder sometimes about what the people of today are turning in to....

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