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Tonight's episode, "Don't Stand So Close to Me," was another strong one. The show continues to impress despite heightened expectations that come with a ratings machine. You can discuss it with fellow fans by following this link to our OFFICIAL FORUMS.

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I think Baiiley was actually angry with herself and I was surprised to see her take it out on Burke since she has always been one of his strongest supporters. She saw that she was the common thread connecting Izzie and Cristina. I loved how the Chief told her to get some perspective and also how he pointed out that they were growing as interns and in some ways were becoming like her. I'm glad he said she wasn't responsible for Denny dying. I do think eventually Meredith will get at least a little more involved in her father's new family but not before she can forgive her father for leaving his first family. She still hasn't accepted the fact that Ellis was the one who broke up the marriage. She blames her dad for not trying harder. That's a lot of baggage to overcome before she can consider opening her heart to her step family. I do think the other daughter, Lexie, who is at Harvard medical school is going to enter the picture at some point in time. Burke is still my guy and never gets on my nerves. I could just watch him walk for an hour and I'de be happy. He was great with George. I hope that he and Cristina work things out. I loved Meredith in this episode. She was just exactly the way I would want my friend to be if I were in Cristina's place.


Wow Bailey was PISSED!
Poor thing, all over a humpty-dumpty surgery.
I still think last week's episode was totally gold. I loved this week's though. The conjoined twins were great. That girl pretty much did them both.... at the same time... weird. Burke is kind of geting on my nerves. Like he's so stuck up. Just get your damn 2 million a year hand fixed. Thats the 2nd time the cheif mentioned a hand costing 2 mil. (Firt time was when Derek punched out McSteamy) oh man I watch this show wayy to much I pretty much memorized the script to every episode of seasons 1&2.
Do you think Meredith will get involved with her step-family?


Great episode - the commercial wasn't lying when it said, "If you've never watched Grey's Anatomy...this is the episode that will get you hooked." Not that I've never watched it before, of course, but the episode was awesome.
I have to say I'm not much of a fan of the "new" George. It's nice to see him being a little more outspoken, but his father was right - he's too angry. I wanted to strangle George in "From a Whisper to a Scream" when he said (in reference to Izzie), "Did she tell you that she's on probation because the last time she got involved with a patient, somebody died?" That was TERRIBLE! I know he just really cares about his father, but he doesn't have to take it out on everybody else. I hope the old George will come back. It's weird to see him so angry. Though I gotta say that his brothers are pains in the @$$ and I can understand when they piss him off. They act like freaking three-year-olds.
The scenes between Ellis and Meredith were spectacular. It was heartbreaking to see Meredith's silent, teary-eyed expression when Ellis muttered, "I never should have had a daughter." But, the moment at the end where Meredith hugs her, and Ellis says, "Meredith?" as if she's really remembering her, and Meredith says, "Mommy..." - that was really touching. Great plot writing! It seems a little cold of Meredith to refuse to be a part of her father's new family (Molly & her mother) but I can understand where she's coming from there. It's just a little too bad because they are really nice people.
I also kind of liked it when the Chief had his "I am YELLING!!!" moment. I think it helped Burke finally get over his whole deal with having Derek fix his hand. It was like, wake up!
Speaking of Burke, I think he and Cristina will work things out - the elevator scene at the end was promising. It will be interesting to see their relationship played out.
I was surprised to see Dr. Hahn praising Cristina so highly, as she seems like one who would be stingy with praise. But, I suppose it's because Cristina reminds Dr. Hahn of herself as an intern (as she said during Mr. O'Malley's surgery.) I really rather like Dr. Hahn and I hope she sticks around - I think she and Cristina could really work well together. Someone mentioned a pairing of Dr. Hahn and McSteamy - that sounds so odd, but it would be fun to see because Sloan would really have to chase her.
Alex and Addison also seem like one of those couples that sounds really strange, but it works. I wouldn't mind Alex being with either Addison or Izzie, but I think if he were to go with Addy, it might make Izzie jealous - they seemed to kind of buddy up in this episode (i.e. towards the end of the episode, in the start of the locker room scene, in the background you see Alex and Izzie leaning up against a locker talking to each other.)
No new episodes til January, huh...that bites. Guess we'll all have to content ourselves with the DVD's and reruns, eh?


Someone brought it to my attention about there not being another new eppisode until Jan. I looked on www.spoilerfix.com they usually get most of their stuff right. They did this last year but not until Jan.


thedirtymistress - im with you about all you said except for george and callie....i don't really like them...I want Olivia back..
Merry Christmas to all WE WILL ALWAYS HAVE THURSDAYS!!!!!!


No doubt, Have a wonderful and relaxing Holiday! Have to watch GA re-runs, but that's cool, when the new episodes come on, it will definately be worth the wait! The writer's have done such an amazing job making the characters so believeable and have fun with dark and twisty..


okayy. last night was a really good episode! from everything. but the part that really made me laugh was izzie telling mark that if he wanted coffee there was a cafeteria and a coffee stand. that had me rolling! and meredith. she was really tense this episode. but i really like how she stood up for herself. i don't think she needs to be a part of her dad's family. obviously he doesn't want her in it because if he did then he would have already came and got her. i don't think he ever really cared enough about her or ellis just scared him a bit. but anyways that was a really good part. and the other part was when george wasn't able to be in on his dads surgery and was in the scrub room. then burke came in and told him he was sorry. and it was really sweet how burke was telling george what was happening step by step. and i agree with some of you on the fact that burke was able to realize there at the end that it wasn't derek's fault for the tremor. different bodies react to surgery in different ways. he might not even require another surgery .. just might need to go into some physical therapy to get his hand moving in normal ways again. and cristina. woah. if i was dr. bailey i wouldn't have did it any other way! i thought it was pretty hilarious when she took the other interns ( izzie .. george .. alex ) to see the conjoined men and said now who thinks cristina got the better case?! that was pretty darn funny! and yeah i really wish that meredith and derek got more time to themselves this episode. it was the last until january ( maybe .. ) and i was really hoping to see some one on one time with them. they're pretty much my favorite. but cristina and burke are definatly up next. they have great chemistry together .. especially since they have totally different personalities and still make a pretty good relationship. and then there's izzie and alex. i really believe that they are meant to be together. even though they can't see it right now .. it will happen. but on the other hand .. alex and addison!! come on that was a really intense stare they had there. that was great! personally i've been waiting for them to get together here ever since alex got sent to the vagina squad. they are really cute together and i like the way their personalities click. izzie and mark. hmmm. i think they would be a cute lil hook up. i think mark really got turned on when izzie told him that he could go get his own coffee. it looked like he likes the woman in contol. so i think they should have a lil fling. and when they do .. then addy and alex will .. and then alex and izzie will see they belong together and i really think and hope that mark and addy will get together. last but definatly not least .. there's george and callie. they are totally adorable. callie is such a tomboy and george is such a momma's boy. it's great seeing them together. it's like they complete each other or something. but yeah i think that george will realize that callie messed up and he'll get over it and they'll work it out. i really hope they do! so that's my 10 cents on this .. didn't mean to get into the whole relationship thing .. since it wasn't even remotely related to the episode. but yeah. i guess i'll just say merry christmas and happy new year! since i probably won't be commenting until the next episode. have a good one! =].


I don't mind angry George, I am glad he finally stood up for himself to his brothers! YES! And he is definetaly angry because, his ex-girlfrien betrayed him by sleeping with someone else while they were still together while she is working on his dad's case which makes them have to 'see eachother' daily, his dad's in the hospital and he is no longer aloud to be with him or his family and he is going in a big oporation which he also can't be apart of, his family is talking about his father DIEING, and at the end when Meredith was trying to tell everybody to chill down about Christina,
MEREDITH: "Alex, when....., she helped you and Izzie, when....., she was there, and George, when everyone was calling you 007,...
George: "...she was calling me 007" LOVE YOU GEORGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I might be a tad TOO into this but this is so REAL, haha.
Anyway, I am glad Miranda was there for Derek when he was going to give up. That made the opporation a success and he was happy with himself.
Though I don't care for Preston, that was very sweet of him to go through George's dad's opporation with him, because he didn't want to look!!
And it sucks(sorry) that there isn't another episode until January, but i was wondering where you found out Bonnie M?!?!?!??? I must be out of the loop, i was wondering why they didn't have a prev. for the next episode, there is none! haha! Allways loving Grey's!


well this was a really good episode.I hope that christina and burke can work things out.I sort of wanted Meredith to be apart of her father's family but in a way i didnt because he apparently doesnt want Meredith to be apart of his family or it could of already happened by now.I dont like how George is acting now but I like that he stands up for himself now but he doesnt need to yell at everybosy he talks to.Does anyone know why we wont have anymore knew episodes until January and when will they start back up?

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