Ellen Pompeo On How She Distracts Chris Ivery During Grey's Anatomy

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Ellen Pompeo in Allure
I guess even the best jobs have their drawbacks.

Ellen Pompeo, who's featured on the cover of December's Allure magazine, dishes on how she attempts to keep her fiance, Chris Ivery, from watching her steamy sex scenes on Grey's Anatomy:

"I thought I was being really clever in distracting him right at 9:00 and I asked him if he could help me with the laundry so that he wouldn't see that portion of the show. Then, 20 minutes later, he realized, 'The show's on and we're not watching it.'"

"That's when I said, 'That's okay, we can get to it.' He said, 'Oh well, I have it TiVo'd so we're okay.' I knew [the steamy scene with Patrick Dempsey] was right in the beginning, so I thought, 'If I can just sort of preoccupy him for 15 minutes, I'm good.'"

Funny stuff. Obviously Ellen and Chris have been able to work around the steamy aspect of her occupation. Below are two scans from the article. Click to enlarge (as well as with the cover photo above)!

Ellen Pompeo in Allure, II
Ellen Pompeo in Allure, III

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I agree. I think she could have done better. He is so not good looking.


Older? Chris Ivery and Ellen Pompeo are the same age. Both are equally attractive in my opinion. As for his conviction: we can't help who we love....so if she loves him, why would anyone else care?


Hey, as long as the two of them are happy that's all that matters. I can't believe some of the cruel comments people have left on here. This is their time to CELEBRATE and be happy, they just got married!


Hey Oddcouple: Maybe Ellen is simply a woman in love with a man. Why must we always attempt to analzye celebrity love affairs? We don't know these people. Ellen may be an American princess, of sorts, but we simply do not know her.


I think this coupling puts Ellen in league with Brittany and Lyndsay Lohan ...... "Ivery, 38, served 14 months in prison for postal theft and credit card fraud after a 1994 conviction"........ she must have insecurity issues.....


that guy is to ugly for her!!! she could do WAY better than him


i don't think she is like super skinny. she is skinny but i wouldn't jump to conclusions that she's like starving herself. when i hear people say that about her it upsets me because usually when someone sees someone from hollywood & that their "skinny" they think ohh they must starve themselves. i like her & chris together at first i was surprised but she's happy & thats what matters.i just hate that he has an earingx]


i think ellen's wieght is fine...she shouldnt have to gain weight just because people think shes to skinny and patrick and ellen are awsome together. if they are anything like they are on the show in real life, they should be a couple (in my opinion) Greys anatomy is kind of getting more medical then romantic...i think they need somthing to happen with merideth and derek...something really good


i also agree about her wight. i think she looks very healthy and natural and shes totally beautiful. i just think shes great.
and i really think shes happy with chris ivery. good for her.


Who wants to see your girlfriend getting it on with somebody else? Wouldn't top my list of things to do. Even if she were acting. And, why isn't Chris Ivery okay? Are you implying it's because he's Black? older? an artist? As long as she's happy, why do you care?


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