Ellen Pompeo, Chris Ivery Engaged!

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Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery, her boyfriend of nearly three years, are officially engaged, Us Weekly reports.

Ivery, 38, proposed on Friday -- which was Pompeo's 37th birthday -- with a 3.5-carat emerald-cut diamond and platinum ring by Tacori.

That's quite the birthday gift, but their relationship is laid-back. Chris popped the question after breakfast at home, and following that, he and Ellen proceeded to celebrate with a fairly low-key day.

"We had a great day," Pompeo told People. "We walked on the beach, then we came home, took a shower and went out for sushi. Then we laid on the couch with the dogs and watched TV."

Pompeo has risen to fame as Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy. She has also starred in various movies, including Old School and Moonlight Mile. Ivery is a music producer she met in an L.A. grocery store, and though Pompeo wasn't interested in a date originally, she agreed to go out with Ivery when they bumped into each other again six months later.

That's when they discovered that they grew up 10 miles from each other outside of Boston and that Chris knew Ellen's father.

"I had to go 3,000 miles away to meet a guy who practically grew up next door," Pompeo told the Boston Herald last year. "But I guess everything comes full circle."

Although the couple has not yet set a date or location for the big day, the romantic European destination of Italy might be a good guess.

"My boyfriend and I travel to Italy quite often and I think that’s always the most romantic for us," Pompeo told Us earlier this year. "We went to Bologna and he has family there and I think that’s our favorite place."

Congratulations to the happy couple! It's great that Ellen is happy with her real-life McDreamy. Below is a picture a fan sent us of the two of them taken on the day of their engagement!

Ellen Pompeo & Chris Ivery -- Engaged!

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Congratulations to Ellen and Chris who are so down to earth and obviously in love! The fact that they have dated for three years shows just how commited they are, they do not HAVE to get married but choose to celebrate their relationship by doing so, kudos to them! Sending warm fuzzy thoughts to you both!


Im happy, because it seems that she is happy with him, but i think that she deserves better, she is so freaking gorgeous and chris is definetly not hot!!! He looks old... and so is jill, patrick dempseys wife. Patrick and Ellen should really hook up, They look so good together, and jill and chris are so ugly for both of them!


ok woa sry. the above was not me that was my friend. sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i leave for one sec.
im so happy for them!!!!!!!! hope they have a great life!


no! this all throws of my master plan to get patrick and ellen together! oh well.
but im happy 4 them =]
also when it says we took a shower...he he.
sorry....just sayin.


Aw, I'm happy for them! they seem like a really nice couple. i hope they're happy.


congrats on the great news! ellen and chris always look happy together. may their marriage bring joy and happiness to their lives! congrats again!


Congrats! I'm glad for them!
Ellen is so happy with him!


Congrats to the couple;I am happy for them. Great things always come to good people.


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