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Brooke Smith
In reprising the character of Erica Hahn, a no-fills, abrasive and brilliant heart surgeon seen at the end of Season 2, Brooke Smith was one of the many highlights of last Thursday's thrilling episode, "From a Whisper to a Scream."

We're not sure how long she'll be sticking around - although we do know she will appear in this week's "Don't Stand So Close to Me" - we thought you might like to know a little about this talented actress.

Growing up in New York, in the shadow of show business as the daughter of powerful publicist Lois Smith, Brooke's big break came as Catherine Martin, the abducted young girl in The Silence of the Lambs.

Other key roles included Sonya in Louis Malle's Vanya on 42nd Street, as well as Dawn in Daniel Minahan's Series 7: The Contenders. Her TV credits include Law & Order, Six Feet Under, Heist and Crossing Jordan. Smith, 39, has more than three dozen movie and TV credits to her name.

Whether she is humming a Tom Petty tune, like her character does in Silence of the Lambs, or showing a different side of pregnancy as she did in Series 7, Smith is known for giving brooding, intense performances - as Grey's Anatomy fans have seen from the four episodes she's appeared in.

In addition to acting, she also enjoys filmmaking. She has directed a short film and a feature length documentary, and published interviews with actors Steve Buscemi, Ed Harris and Fred Ward (who also guest starred on Grey's Anatomy this year as Denny, Sr.), among others.

A medical school rival and frequent adversary (but nonetheless, respected colleague) of Preston Burke, Dr. Hahn adds yet another dynamic presence to Seattle Grace Hospital. Hopefully we get to see more of her.

Drs. Hahn and Yang Talk

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I think she is a talented actress, However, I hope things don't escalade, with her and Kali. I think it would be a good IDEA to about the double weddings. Also, for it to be that Hahn gets under Burkes skin.


I loved Brooke on Crossing Jordan and I am so SO thrilled with her character on Grey's. and she is freakin McYummy (insolent grin)


i want her on the show.. she has a lot of possiblities and prospective storylines... like she can be infected with seattle grace's bug of falling in love with your coworkers.. but she's a great add on.. and i think has a lot to offer.. she will give this show edge.. maybe she once had a crush on Burke.. explains the coldness .. maaybe


I think addison deserves alot more time on the show. we hardly ever see her....


i really love her character, and shes freaking HOT!


Please no more regulars, there are too too many cast members as it is.


Thank you, thank you, Bonnie M. I could not agree more with both of your thoughts. Wish you were within hugging distance. (that's my cyber hug)


I think Brooke would be a great part of the show. It's fun to watch her get under Burke's skin. I don't think they should be any love interest there. I just want Burke and Cristina together as much as I want Derek and Meredith. I know we toss the wedding idea around every now and then. But what about a double wedding with the two couples. Do you know how much fun they could have with that one. It's just an idea.


I hope she stays!


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