Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest XXXIII

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Great Caption Contest responses this week, people. Not as many as we would have hoped for, but quality definitely wins out over quantity, as they say, and that was certainly true in this case.

The glass shard removed from a patient's heart by Burktina inspired many a funny caption from our readers. The temptation was to name the very first submission - by Bryan Adams, or at least someone using his name and tying in a reference to one of the Canadian rocker's hit songs - but it turned out that many warranted serious consideration.

Jules, Kimmy and curiousgeorge came close, as did many others who wrote in with their captions. Yet there can be only one winner, and there was little doubt among the Insider's staff members who that should be. luvthisshow, we luvyourcaption. Congratulations!

The winning response appears below. Scroll down to read the full list of captions. Thanks to all for participating and good luck this week!

Here's this week's Caption Contest image...

Cuts Like a Knife?

Hmm... look what I just pulled out of my back. Wonder who put that there?

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Bruke: Now if you ever decide to go behind my back again to the chief, I will insert shard of glass into your spleen!


Burke: Well.. now that this shard of glass is no longer in the patient's heart, why dont you just go ahead and stab me in the back with it.
Christina: nah.. im good.. id rather narc on you to the chief. I dont know, just seems a little less harsh to me.


Christina: (thinking) This is so much worse than when he keyed me.


Christina: you see? this is what all your mcpressure has done to my emotionally unavailable mcheart!


Christina: this is what all your mcpressure did to my emotionally unavailable mcheart.


Burke: Now watch Dr. Yang as I perform a heart transplant with just a piece of glass as my surgical tool. Christina: That's so MacGyver.


Think fast! Does this belong here?


burke: christina, wanna try the new scalpel?


ouch thats looks like that would hurt if you had that piece in me. but cool picture!! its sweet how Christina is just watching Burkes hand. She cares so much about him it really shows in this picture. ~kimmy


Burke to Cristina: "Hmmmmmm.....look what I just pulled out of my back. Wonder who put that there???"

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