Ham & Eggs in December Reader's Digest

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Ham & Eggs!
? Will he ever be?

That's a question that may be answered tonight. Or not. Regardless, the "ham and eggs" analogy made by the patient who inspired George has been around a long time, and even appears in December's Reader's Digest.

Howard Schnellenberger, 72, the head football coach at Florida Atlantic University and formerly the head coach at the University of Miami and the University of Oklahoma, uses it to outline the difference between mere involvement and commitment to his players:

"When you're eating ham and eggs, the chicken that laid the eggs was involved. But the pig that provided the ham was totally committed," he says.

It's interesting that this is being used in the sports world as well as in the case of intimate relationships. We thought Grey's Anatomy fans might appreciate this - especially if you were still confused by the pig metaphor made by Dr. O'Malley in "Let the Angels Commit."

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I don't think Georgie's even ready to commit to ANYONE. He's been definitely 'pig' to Mer last season, but c'mon, we all know he can't possibly be that to Callie.


I didn't really understand the analogy until I read this. Now I get it. If this is the case, Burke and Cristina are both ham and totally committed. Callie is ham and George wants to be, but now that he knows about Sloan, he is even more chicken than before.


this is awesome..I understood it on the show but it is cool to know that this is universal saying.


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