Public Outing of T.R. Knight, Others Suggests Greater Societal Problems

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Patrick Dempsey & T.R. Knight
Two weeks ago, as we all know by now, T.R. Knight, one of the stars of Grey's Anatomy, one of the most popular shows on television, came out of the closet publicly to People magazine.

Knight's admission comes after, in his words, "a few questions about my sexuality." In a well-worded and brief press release, Knight (with Patrick Dempsey, left) added, "I hope the fact that I'm gay isn't the most interesting part of me."

Jordan Bartel of the Carroll County Times was happy Knight worded it in that way. In fact, there is no better way to say it. The sad fact is, though, and surely part of Knight realizes this, that now people will think that is the most interesting part of him.

Now, as in the case of whenever stars come out of the closet, people will forever focus on that aspect of their lives. The whole "publicly confirming that I'm gay" situation seems to be something that shouldn't ever happen.

Here's why: It's simply not news. It's simply not anyone's business. It's simply something that just shouldn't be an issue.

Knight is not naïve enough to think that people won't be interested or that people don't consider it an issue. But he surely resents, and rightfully so, the fact that stars, or anybody human beings, feel like they have to publicly admit their sexuality, as if that is something that needs to be shared.

Holding the presses because someone in the limelight is gay is akin to holding the presses because a star admits that his favorite color is blue or that they painted their bedroom red or that they have green eyes. The gender someone is attracted to is simply not relevant.

Being gay is just a facet of who someone is, yes, even for Hollywood stars. As in the case of T.R. Knight, Lance Bass, or most recently, Neil Patrick Harris, it's always going to make headlines. But it shouldn't have to.

Knight, as Grey's Anatomy fans know, is right in saying that it's not the most interesting part of who he is. It doesn't demand the attention it's getting or will continue to get. It never does.

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yes, i think he's a great actor.
and i think it's not important if he is gay in real. my favourite actor is Patrick Dempsay. awh. i admire him soo much. he's the best.


He´s a great-wonderful actor, that´s the most important and i love his way to take it, he´s a normal person, but with a bigger courage than others.


i luv T.R as George. He acts his role such great comedy and emotion. He strikes me with compassion and takes care of all the women on the show. He is ta true actor and George is a vital character on the show.


What a lot of people do not understand is that when an actor or actress comes out as Gay it is important to the Gay community. When people who are not too keen with homosexuality see them, the may think "wow...that T.R. is not such a bad guy and he is a good actor"..I know it sounds silly but socially it happens. And for young homosexuals who are just coming to grips with their reality, it is good for them to have positive role models who are "like them". I think it was a bold move for him and I think that his wording was very smart.


George is my favorite. I love his sensitivity, his wisdom, his caring and how well he shows disappointment and pain. Softly conviJumping Bailey to move forward with the birth and then jumping behind her when she acquiesced was so touching. I think it would be exciting and wonderful if they would write a theme for George demonstrating an attraction to another male or at least a male being attractive to him and see where that goes. He seems conflicted about Callie and his sexuality anyway on the show. I envision an on again, off again turmoil as he comes to grips w/ this relationship as he and this guy begin to fall for each other. Lovely!


I don't think TR was living a lie before he came out via People. His friends & family knew, just not the public. While I understand people's fascination with every aspect of celebrities' lives, what gets me is that everyone assumes that everyone else is straight. No one ever has to come out straight, it's just assumed. But if you're gay, you have to say so because it's not expected that you are. Just wanted to put that out there.


I admire him for not keeping it a secret any longer, and I guess thats because I'm such a strong-minded person that I wouldn't care what people thought. I'm sure he is so much happier now since he is not having to live a lie. His sexuality has nothing to do with his talent as an actor.


I could not agree more. There is no reason for this to change my respect for T.R. Knight's acting ability, and it hasn't. It is simply not that surprising or newsworthy.


exactly what I was thinking. Honestly I don't think it's a big deal and I don't think people should care as much as they do. It's his business, let him do his thing.


T.R. stands for Theodore Raymond.


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