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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest XXXIV

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Another strong Caption Contest this week with 62 replies, and we would like to take a moment to thank all who took the time to participate.

As usual, the high quality of the replies made it hard to pick this week's best. We loved all the proposed captions, particularly those sent in by Ashleigh C., Amy, Anna and Eileen (we certainly never thought of going down that road when we chose the image).

At the end of the day, however, there can be only one champion. And it is HollyNichole. Congratulations! You can read the winning reply beneath the picture, and you can see the full list of entries by scrolling down the page. Thanks again and good luck again this week!

Here's the image, from "Don't Stand So Close to Me" :

McDreamy & the Nazi

Derek: "Okay, I completely just lost my train of thought."
Miranda: "You're the brain surgeon, figure it out!"

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    McDreamy:Miranda I never saw so big breasts...
    Miranda:Me not...I never saw so small.....A have more bigger...Do you want see???


    McDreamy: Now you very very carefully, and slowly pull out the funny bone. Try not to touch the sides. (loud buzzing sound) DAMN!
    Bailey: Derek, if you cant even operate correctly playing "Operation," what makes you think I am letting you operate on a human?!?!


    Derek: I just heard about that little girl who's practically raised by her nanny. Why even bother having a kid?
    Bailey: You're just as insensitive as your dirty mistress. Think about who you're talking to before you speak!


    Hmm. This is interesting. Really, why do they call you McDreamy now?


    Miranda: Stop thinking about Meredith's va jay jay!


    Bailey: Is that...?
    Derek: God, I can't believe i got syphilis!!


    Bailey: What do you think your doing put that away!?
    Derek: I have Syphilis!
    Bailey: That you do!


    Derek, stop acting like one of my thumb sucking interns!! Just do it! Meredith will reward you later.
    I can't believe I just said that!! What is happening to me?!?


    Derek-This light makes things look so much smaller... HONEST!
    Miranda-Yeah... O-K!!


    Bailey: What do you think your diong put that away!?
    Derek: I have Syphilis!
    Bailey: That you do!