Winter Wedding For Katherine Heigl?

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The lovely Katherine Heigl and her fiancé, Josh Kelley, are planning a winter wonderland theme for their upcoming wedding, tentatively planned for next winter that's 2007, in case it wasn't clear earlier.

The singer approves of the winter theme.

"It was Katherine's first idea. Once she started talking about it and what it would look like, I was set," Josh Kelley said.

The Grey's Anatomy star is equally excited, but needs to make it through another set of nuptials first - her sister's.

"Maybe some horses, sleigh bells. My sister is getting married this coming October, so we're doing that one first and planning hers. I get to kind of learn that way!"

It's great to see Katherine, who was recently nominated for a Golden Globe award for Best Supporting Actress, is doing as well in her personal life as she is professionally. We wish her nothing but the best!

Katherine Heigl, Josh Kelley

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displays?projector counties.dark byway ... Thanks!!!


I hope that i went to see you some day becuse i love you so mutch! You are the BEST!=)=)=) HEHEHEHEHEHE!..


Your wedding is going to be the best!!
Gratulation!:D I hope that you gona have a butifull day ! Bye bye! // Lina 12 years =)=]


Hello my name is lina johansson and i live in Sweden.
I`m like you Katherine Heigl.
I think that you are the greatest acters in the world.=)
and you movis is the best!!..=)
I love you!!


Great site! Best wishes!


i am very happy for these two...katie is gorgeous and an amzing actress and josh is one of the most takented musicians in the biz right now. i hope everything goes well for them!!


Katherine Heilg is one of my favorit actors.
And Josh Kelley is my favorit singer!


Congrats to Katie and Josh! I hope everything goes well and may you always be happy together!


I am very happy for Katie, she plays alot of characters that have their hearts broken and im glad to see that she is going to be happy, i have always wanted to meet katherine Heigl and someday i might... i hope


I know most of the time actors keep their maiden names and Katie will probably always be Katherine Heigl publically, but do you think she will be Katie Kelley privately? I think that is such a cute name.


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