Grey's Anatomy Quotes: From the Heart

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One of the reasons our favorite show is so popular is that without a doubt, Grey's Anatomy and its characters represent a complex and modern world view: A slightly humorous, sometimes existential, usually emotional way of looking at life. Fans invariably share this view and, therefore, take many Grey's Anatomy quotes to heart.

We've been compiling lists of quotes from every episode since Grey's Anatomy debuted. All the characters have their memorable lines, but the single greatest purveyor of insight, for better or worse, is the show's narrator. It's intriguing to see how a talented and compassionate, yet flawed and insecure person such as Meredith views the world. All of us can relate.

With the show on hiatus until January 11, we thought you might enjoy reflecting on Grey's Anatomy - and life - through collection of Meredith Grey quotes...

Grey's Anatomy Quotes: From the Heart
On Greed:

I have an aunt who, whenever she poured anything for you, would say "Say when." My aunt would say "Say when" and of course, we never did. We don't say when because there's something about the possibility, of more. More tequila, more love, more anything. More is better.

On Pain:

Maybe we like the pain. Maybe we're wired that way. Because without it, I don't know; maybe we just wouldn't feel real. What's that saying? Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer? Because it feels so good when I stop.

On Communication:

It's the first thing we really learn in life. Funny thing is, once we grow up, learn our words and really start talking the harder it becomes to know what to say. Or how to ask for what we really need.

On Happiness:

Maybe we're not supposed to be happy. Maybe gratitude has nothing to do with joy. Maybe being grateful means recognizing what you have for what it is. Appreciating small victories. Admiring the struggle it takes simply to be human. Maybe we're thankful for the familiar things we know. And maybe we're thankful for the things we'll never know. At the end of the day, the fact that we have the courage to still be standing is reason enough to celebrate.

On Intimacy:

Intimacy is a four syllable word for, "Here's my heart and soul, please grind them into hamburger, and enjoy." It's both desired, and feared. Difficult to live with, and impossible to live without.

Intimacy also comes attached to the three R's... relatives, romance, and roommates. There are some things you can't escape. And other things you just don't want to know.

Grey's Anatomy Quotes: From the Heart 1

On Growing Up:

I've heard that it's possible to grow up - I've just never met anyone who's actually done it. Without parents to defy, we break the rules we make for ourselves. We throw tantrums when things don't go our way, we whisper secrets with our best friends in the dark, we look for comfort where we can find it, and we hope - against all logic, against all experience. Like children, we never give up hope...

On Denial:

Sometimes reality has a way of sneaking up and biting us in the ass. And when the dam bursts, all you can do is swim. The world of pretend is a cage, not a cocoon. We can only lie to ourselves for so long. We are tired, we are scared, denying it doesn't change the truth. Sooner or later we have to put aside our denial and face the world. Head on, guns blazing. De Nile. It's not just a river in Egypt, it's a freakin' ocean. So how do you keep from drowning in it?

On Denial (Part II):

The key to surviving a surgical internship is denial. We deny that we're tired, we deny that we're scared, we deny how badly we want to succeed. And most importantly, we deny that we're in denial. We only see what we want to see and believe what we want to believe, and it works. We lie to ourselves so much that after a while the lies start to seem like the truth. We deny so much that we can't recognize the truth right in front of our faces.

On the "Real World":

Surgeons are control freaks. With a scalpel in your hand, you feel unstoppable. There's no fear, there's no pain. You're ten-feet tall and bulletproof. And then you leave the OR. And all that perfection, all that beautiful control, just falls to crap.

On Excess:

When you were a kid, it was Halloween candy. You hid it from your parents and you ate it until you got sick. In college, it was the heavy combo of youth, tequila and well, you know. As a surgeon, you take as much of the good as you can get because it doesn't come around nearly as often as it should. 'Cause good things aren't always what they seem. Too much of anything, even love, is not always a good thing.

On Loneliness:

Four hundred years ago, another well-known English guy had an opinion about being alone. John Donne. He thought we were never alone. Of course, it was fancier when he said it. "No man is an island entire unto himself."

Boil down that island talk, and he just meant that all anyone needs is someone to step in and let us know we're not alone. And who's to say that someone can't have four legs. Someone to play with or run around with, or just hang out.

Meredith Grey

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bonnie - thanks for the is nice to be able to just write how you feel and not worry about grammer.
and Allie and Bonnie = that being adult one is great.....somedays i wish i could get off of this rollercoaster called "responsibilty.


If it angers PinkGoobasarit that sometimes people have bad grammer their really going to hate me. I do it all the time. Are you a GA fan or looking for something to complain about. We discuss our favorite show here were not taking a grammer class. My favorite quote is about being adults because sometimes it is highly over rated.


I like the ones on growing up too. I think it was also that episode where they said, "We are adults now? When did that happen? And how do we make it stop?" That's another one of my faves cuz that's exactly how I feel!


Thanks burke backer.. I am so sorry i meant to say WISE!!!!!!!!!! I will only say "Didn't your mom teach you that if you don't have anything nice to say...don't say it. And for my favorite I just can't pick because they all speak to me.


Dear PinkGoobasarit, one of the really nice things about Greysanatomyinsider is the friendship and collegiality that has grown up among the people who post often. It is kind of a safe place to come and talk about our favorite characters and story lines. We don't always agree, but we are generally pretty nice to each other. It is too bad that you are angered by a miss type, because I think that it happens to all of us from time to time. We get involved in what we are going to say or how we are going to word it and hit a wrong key. In your own post, should your sentence not begin with a subject and a capital letter? I am bothered in a book that has been edited and printed when I find grammatical errors or spelling errors. It seems like someone just didn't do their job, but on a fan website where people are simply chatting in print, a misprint is maybe not quite so important. I would have rather read your thoughts on the quotes than your thoughts on purplemerder's post. Which was your favorite or the one that you think is most true? For me it is the one on growing up because I agree that in spite of experience, we contintue to hope for love, for happiness, for understanding from other people, and for acceptance of ourselves. I love that quote.


kind of takes away the whole you thinking it was wise by putting wish. sorry I'm a spelling and grammar freak, and it not only turns me off when someone writes something incorrectly but it angers me.


These are very wish meridith and the writers for giving her such great quotes..........


Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)

Burke was- He took something from me. He took little pieces of me, little pieces over time, so small I didn't even notice, you know? He wanted me to be something I wasn't, and I made myself into what he wanted. One day I was me Cristina Yang, and then suddenly I was lying for him, and jeopardizing my career, and agreeing to be married and wearing a ring, and being a bride. Until I was standing there in a wedding dress with no eyebrows, and I wasn't Cristina Yang anymore. And even then, I would've married him. I would have. I lost myself for a long time. And now that I'm finally me again, I can't. I love you. I love you more than I loved Burke. I love you. And that scares the crap out of me because when you asked me to ignore Teddy's page, you took a piece of me, and I let you. And that will never happen again.