Tonight: The Long-Awaited "Six Days"

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Tonight: The Long-Awaited "Six Days"
The wait is finally over.

Tonight, Grey's Anatomy returns with an all-new episode entitled "Six Days." Written by acclaimed writer/producer Krista Vernoff, tonight promises to be full of drama, heartbreak and emotion.

As usual, we'll have our episode guide and lists of all the memorable quotes, pictures and music up as soon as we can after the show airs. But now, here's a look at what's to come. DO NOT READ below if you want to avoid all potential hints / spoilers.


After a successful operation on his heart, Mr. O'Malley undergoes a second surgery for his cancer. Meanwhile, Thatcher Grey pays a visit to Seattle Grace to see his new granddaughter. Meredith discovers Derek has trouble sleeping soundly... and that she may be the cause.

A 17-year-old patient, Heather, is admitted - with a bad attitude resulting from her medical condition and the surgeries it's required her to have. A woman has an emotional breakdown as she tries to hand over something very important to her.

Lastly, a doctor's family comes to town to visit to celebrate an occasion... and our sources tell us tonight may be Part I of a two-part thriller. We'll see if this holds true! All the details here are hinted at in the preview below, but it's still fun to speculate! We're counting down the minutes...


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Hi Purplemerder. I was frankly just happy they are both on the show and if it takes a little time for them to decide who needs to apologize to whom, I can wait. They are still together, just silent.


Burke Backer - i am glad you are starting to warm to the idea of alex and addison...they are hot together.
i know that it was not the episode that you burktina fans wanted but there is still hope...remember us merder fans went a whole seanson being sad about the breakup.


Well, it was a good show. They still have us not knowing whether or not George's dad dies or if it is the baby Grey or someone else unexpected. The Derek/Meredith scenes were sweet even when she snored. How typical of Burke and Cristina to have a pissing contest (can I say that?) over who is going to talk to whom first and when he is going to tell her about the hand. It was a good sign that they both kind of realize they are being silly about this. I loved when she was laying on the couch in his room looking at him and he was laying in his bed looking at her and neither one were talking yet. It was a visual stalemate. So Shonda is still dangling their relationship out in front of us like a fish on a hook and we don't really know, but I think something will happen that will make them once again realize how much they mean to each other and they won't want to lose that. At least Burke verbalized that they have a relationship, all be it a strange one. Izzie deposited the check at long last and it looks pretty obvious that she is going to pay for surgery for the girl with scoliosis. I really liked that George brought his dad's chart to Burke for advice. It shows he is regaining his trust in him. Alex and Addision. Hummm. I'm beginning to see what some of you were seeing before. They have possibilities. I still don't get Sloan. Callie is beginning to grow on me. Can't wait for next week.


I am so glad it's finally Jan. 11 and the first thing on my GA watchers groups mind. Does George's dad die and Im the only one saying he does'nt.


it's time!! finally .. i probably would've died if i had to wait another day to! but the wait is over. i've been hearing that these episodes that are coming up are something that you wouldn't ever expect from grey's so i'm pretty dern tense! hope it's good for all the relationships!! i'll get back here when it's over and put my two cents in on this episode.


i agree with you all. I can't wait....I think i would have died if i had to wait one more day.


omg! our day is finally here! AHH! seriously the five weeks was absolute torture and i am so freaking mchappy right now! :]


I agree purplemerder. I am so ready for a new episode. Reruns and DVDs are great, but I am really wanting to know what happens next.


I can't believe the day is finally feels like months since a new episode.......


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You almost died like men.


I miss my dad.